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Here’s a Tasty Morsel

I had a hankering for some brownies this week, and remembered a recipe I’d spied in Everyday Food for some that included peppermint patties. Now, that’s hard to beat, in my book. However, I had a perfectly good box of Duncan Hines brownie mix on-hand, so my version is definitely the cheater edition:

Mix up a box of family size brownies according to package directions. Line a 9×13 pan with parchment paper*, and spread out about 1/3 of the batter in the pan. Lay out the 25 peppermint patties (which is the smaller of the two bags which were available at our grocery store) over the bottom layer of batter, and then top with the remaining batter. I tried to pour it over as evenly as possible and then spread it carefully over the candy. If you just dump it on, you’ll probably have a heck of a time maintaining a nice minty middle. Bake according to package directions.

These are that great combo of refreshing and delicious, and would make a great – and, better yet, quick – dessert to bring along or set out for company, should the need arise.

We have no company coming this weekend, but I had to test it out, right? For you, my friend—I did it for you.

*In case I am not the last person in the world to have heard this tip, let me pass it along to you: Lining your pan with parchment makes removing the brownies a breeze! Seriously, you’ve got to try it. Once they’ve completely cooled, you can either cut into them right in the pan, or you can lift the whole slab of ’em out using the paper and cut them on a board. No more chiseling away at the corners or leaving half of the brownie bottoms stuck to the glass!


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  1. Ooh these look fabulous. Love the parchment paper idea! I’m going to have to use that trick next time I bake.

  2. I like cheaters. And peppermint patties. Winner!

  3. The brownies look so elegant – like some super-secret recipe they would serve on a sophisticated brunch! Thanks for sharing.

    I love parchment paper too — AND have you tried the silicone mats to bake cookies?! They have changed my life. No greasing the cookie sheet, cookies just pop right off and the best part . . . you’ll never have to wash the pan again! Just the flexible mat and that’s SO much easier.

  4. I lurve peppermint patties so much!! I’ll have to try this.


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