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Well, Friends, we celebrated our second babymoon the other day with a quick trip to Bastrop, sin nino [thanks again, Grandma!]. I have found that a little getaway right before I hit the too-huge-for-words stage of pregnancy is indeed a good thing. We spent the rest of the yesterday, after we returned home [still without the kid, still courtesy of Grandma], out window shopping and basically lazing around the house talking. It was so nice to talk and talk without distraction, just for a couple of days. Do you know that we have never spent a whole day in this house by ourselves? It was so weird! We missed our baby, but it was nice to miss him, especially knowing that he was having a good ol’ time without us. Ahhhh.

Now it’s back to work. Monday, great progress was made in the cleaning and organizing of our work room, which is actually starting to look like more of a shared space than it has for the past two years. No longer will it be Megan’s sewing room/Kevin’s crap shoved into the corner. Oh no, no. His crap will have a place of prominence! And – even better – the floor will be visible! Big things, I tell ya.

And did I mention that we’re finally getting around to painting the kitchen? And, of course, by “we”, I do not mean me; I’m just here to refill the drinks. I can’t wait to share it when it’s all done. I forgot to take before shots, for those of you who’ve never seen it in person, but I can sum the last color up in two words: blank slate. The new color is quite a departure (three words: Kermit the Frog). Anyway, pictures to follow soon.


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  1. It’s a wonderful and crazy experience to be without the kids at home. Can’t wait to see the kitchen!!!!!

  2. yay for the babymoon! I am so glad you had a chance to get away. If you ever want to send the wee to Camp Kelli, my house is open.
    Hope you are having a great week and feeling good!


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