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There’s Something to be Said for Ready-Made

Yes, the day has finally arrived: The blasted duvet cover is done.

Share in my triumph, won’t you?

After wailing to my mom [oh, there’s nothing that will make me revert to my 15-year-old self faster than a project gone awry] about how it was never going to be finished, and that I’d spent almost as much on it as I would have had I just picked it up at the store, I rallied and pinned the top to the back and sewed it up a week ago Saturday.

Wait – have I told you about the backing debacle? I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to go through my old posts, so skip this paragraph if you’ve heard this one before. OK, so I had it in my head that I’d bought fabric wide enough to accommodate the back, and therefore wouldn’t have to piece one together. Yeahhh. . .not exactly. It was only during my “I finished the top!” happy dance that I remembered that I had, in fact, bought fabric for the back, but knew full and well (at the time) that I’d be piecing it. I even remembered how I’d envisioned it. Sadly, though, there was no way that I was going to do it. Nope. So, I bought a set of sheets and used the top sheet instead. So aggravating, though! Because that was totally cutting into the satisfaction of making it myself and saving us all that sweet cash, you know? Even though I can now tell myself that at least I have exactly what I wanted, and I would’ve had to buy the sheets, anyway, so it’s not that big of a loss. Still.

Moving on: Of course, it was only has I pinned the top to the back (twice, because I’d forgotten that I was going to try my hand at french seams at this point, and had to re-pin it with wrong sides together after completing a quarter of the pinning incorrectly) that I realized I had no idea how I was going to close up the opening. You know, where you stuff in the duvet? So that you could remove it again in the future, which is the whole point of using a duvet and cover rather than a quilt? Oh, yeah. More wailing, and then the decision to go with Velcro.

As it turned out, I didn’t have enough of that to finish the project. Ooh, but notions were on sale at JoAnn’s Labor Day weekend, so I (happily) had to put off that step until after I’d picked some up. Did so on Saturday, attached it yesterday, and voila! I’m done and you’ll not have to hear about this project again. Everyone’s a winner!

Specs: The top is a combo of patchwork, mostly from my overflowing scrap/strip collection, and white Kona cotton. I love the look of patchwork broken up by wide expanses of solid, so I’m pleased with the way this turned out. The skinny strip the runs through the center of the pieced stripes was inspired by something I saw on glittergoods months ago and had filed away in my brain for just such an occasion. The sheet on the back came from Target, and was a big hit with The Boy. In fact, the whole project had him pretty jazzed, which was a bonus for me. By the end, I was convinced that this was too babyish and not “boy” enough, but he just kept saying, “Is this the blanket for me?!” every time he came across me working on it. What mom isn’t a sucker for that? Oh, and the duvet inside is from IKEA, and it’s a really nice weight. I think the little man will be very comfy when he moves into his new digs.

Hopefully, he’ll be comfy enough to stay there through the night. (We won’t be testing that out just yet. Soon, though.) Pray with us, won’t you?


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  1. Very, very cute — I love your patchwork design and I think it is very big boy looking! And you know of course that all the frustrations and trials will be tempered by time. Let us know how the all-night-long thing goes. I so remember the mornings when I would carefully step out of bed just in case there might be someone sleeping on the floor beside me. Which happened often back then. Deep sigh . . .

  2. Awww, it looks so fluffy and comfy!

  3. I’m rejoicing with you! Those duvets take forever! It looks GREAT!!!

  4. Um, I have to say that it is gorgeous. and perhaps worth the wait!!


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