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FaDSA Aug/Sept: Last Tri

Here is the last bag in the Tri series. For now, at least, because I do have ideas for more already cooking up in my head. Whether or not they make it to the production phase, well, that remains to be seen. This one, as I mentioned earlier (I think) is part of a baby gift for a former co-worker who is due at the end of this month. I’m a big fan of diaper bags, and other accessories that the mom has to lug around, being tailored a little more toward an adult, hence the black twill. The apples sweeten it up without making it too babyish. Add in a diaper/wipes pack and some burp cloths, and voila! You have a nice little set, there.

Please also note that the Farmer’s Market apple print is one of my very favorite new fabrics, and I had to cut a pretty big chunk of it off to get the print going the right way on the wipes pack. This was after I sacrificed a goodly piece to the construction of the bag. See, I’m reforming my hoardish tendencies! I’m all about personal growth, Friends.


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  1. Way cute, as always!

  2. Love the Farmers’ Market apple print. I understand what you’re saying – I would have sweated a bit cutting into that gorgeous fabric! You did great work, they are adorable.

    She’s a lucky girl!

  3. I love the whole set!

  4. Look! You made it! And it came out all cute and everything! And you even made accessories because you’re an overachiever.

    So cute – nice work.

    Oh, and that apple print? LOVE.


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