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Glory Hallelujah!


Actually, they’ve been almost done for two days now, but putting it into print makes me want to happy dance all over again. It was funny, because I had it all broken down into manageable chunks so that I wouldn’t mess them up. So, I finished appliqueing them on Monday. Then, Wednesday, I wanted to just sew up the outside and get the lining pieces cut, but once they were cut, well, why not just sew up the lining? And, since that’s done, why not make the loops and attach them, so they’ll be ready to go? Aw, heck – let’s just finish these up! The next day, I picked up the embellishments, tacked them on, and voila! Only broke one sewing needle in the whole process, too. You cannot believe what a relief it is to check these bad boys off the list! And, what’s even better is that this is the last obligatory project (for lack of a better phrase, since I wasn’t truly obligated to make these) for 2008.


Apparently, this was just what was needed to send me into full-on nesting. Last time around, before I had Joey, we were still in the apartment and there was only so much I could do in terms of feathering said nest. Once the cradle was pushed over by the window and all the loot was stacked in every available extra inch of space, there was not even room to maneuver. I did, however, start cutting and sewing stacks of aprons. Yeah. Still not sure why I felt the need to stock up on half-aprons. I can tell by the range of sizes that I was making them for every woman I’d ever met, but. . . . Yeah, I don’t know. Well, other than the fact that it used up a bunch of fabric I had stuffed in the dresser, and they took up very little room once they’d been hemmed. This time around, I’ve been trying to clear as many surfaces as possible and keep them clear. So far, the kitchen has been a near success, and our room is looking pretty good, too.

Should I, a 35-year-old woman, be proud of the fact that I’ve done the dishes every night (because, yes, I’ve been cooking, too) and made my own bed for a whole week? Surely that’s not the point.

I’ve also sent off two more small boxes of books and donated two bags full of Joey clothes. Getting rid of stuff sure is addictive!

Now it’s back to the sewing (OK, after I clear the living room tables). On the agenda:

  • Curtain for the powder room
  • Laundry bag for the nursery
  • Baby quilt, which is already on the wall
  • Two more diaper/wipe packs, just because
  • Stack and label supplies for upcoming Christmas gifts [I told you I was on fire! The ideas have finally started to percolate! Of course, it helps that my family decided to draw names this year, which dramatically cut down on the number of ideas needed. Every little bit helps.]

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  1. I am celebrating with you!!!! What a relief! They look great!

  2. I am so proud of you!!! Getting rid of stuff is so liberating. Well done you! and those stockings– so cute!

  3. WOW you have been very busy!!! It feels great to get rid of stuff huh?


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