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To Our Neighbors: You’re Welcome

So, way back here, I had to break into my own house through the teeny tiny powder room window. A couple of weeks later (which would be, yes, a year and a half ago), Kevin was able to replace it himself. Sadly, the glass company only had clear glass panes available, rather than frosted, which left us with the bottom half of the window facing right out into the backyard. From the bathroom. Mind you, the neighbors actually would have had to be looking for trouble in order to catch a peek of anyone in there, but still. And then there are the meter readers, or whomever happens to be out working in the back.

Up until Saturday, I’d been relying on the elegant solution of a piece of freezer paper taped over the window. Very classy, no? But no longer, Friends:


Ta-da! Yes, it took a year and a half to come to the conclusion that a simple pocket-curtain was all that was needed for that tiny window. It also took two tries to get the right kind of tension rod, because I didn’t read the first one carefully enough to realize it was magnetic, and therefore totally useful, and then another month to just hem up the blasted remnant that had been waiting around for many, many months already. None of that matters now, though, because IT’S DONE.

It gets better, though:

Yes, we’ve even hung up a mirror. As you can see, Saturday was a heck of a productive day here by our standards. We’re doin’ things!


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  1. The freezer paper was very eclectic, but I must say the curtain and mirror really dress up your pretty purple room. You’re on a roll, girl!

  2. WOW – really cute!

    If it makes you feel better, our bathroom windows (2 – unfrosted because our house is WICKED old) face our neighbors back driveway and when we moved in we didn’t have any shades.

    And I do believe they saw us in the buck a few times before I so classily (word?) taped up a pillow case over each window.


    Now we have blinds but I still think they imagine us nekkid.


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