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Nothing But a Headache

Today, after taking a little much-needed snooze, I decided to tackle something I’d been putting off for days: making a continuous strip of bias binding.

That’s the before shot. Before it went into the trash, that is. Yes, a half yard of one of my favorite pieces of fabric sailed right into the trash. I was too angry to even salvage any usable pieces; stuffing it in the can was much more satisfying in the heat of the moment.

What madness! The “helpful” pictures in the book were absolutely no help at all when it came down to the most critical step, which is creating the blasted tube from which the magical continuous strip is to be cut. And the worst part is that I’ve done this before, and don’t remember it being such a total pain in the neck. This time around, I looked up three different methods and tried them on three separate pieces. The first one? Well, I think it was wrong to begin with, and then I cut into it with the rotary cutter…which was really stupid. The instructions didn’t specify how stupid that was, but, well, it was. The second time? No idea why it didn’t work. And, finally, the third time was the charm as far as the whole continuous thing went. Unfortunately, it looked like it had been chewed by squirrels; totally not the look I was going for.

An hour into this fiasco, I decided to bite the bullet and take the long way by cutting strips on the bias and then stitching them together. Well, actually, I was going to resort to using a package of bias tape that I had on hand, but it just wasn’t as cute as the pindot fabric was going to be. But, hey, call me a convert to taking the long way! At least the results were good, which was good for all involved, because I was becoming very concerned that this was going to be the thing that sent me screaming off into the night, leaving everything and everyone I love behind, and that’s just no way to start a weekend.


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  1. I haven’t had to even attempt doing that. I’m not brave enough I think. LOL. I hope it all works out though!

  2. Good for you for giving this a go! It’s on both my Top Projects to Attempt list and my Top Projects I’m Terrified Of list.

  3. Oh please don’t give up! Sleep on it and try it again sometime soon. The first time I did it, it was a breeze. The second time I did it I had the same mind burp that you did and had to work to figure out that seam. I believe I had to do the “unsewing” thing with my seam ripper. The third time it clicked and now I do it without looking at my instructions. (Even the algebra formula to calculate square size!)

    I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! Go for it.

    And oh yeah, don’t worry we’ve all been in to that dark side — relishing the whole “wicked project meets trash can” thing! Today’s a a new day! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. I know what you mean — the tube method takes way too much thought for me. I just sew cut strips together. (I’m talking about the one time I’ve ever done it, not like I’m an expert.)

  5. Well, now I’m officially scared of bias tape. As though I weren’t afraid before. I’ll keep making mine the old way. Which may just be buying it in the package. Whatevs.


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