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It Just Sort of Happened

And now I have confirmation that sewing is my main form of “nesting”. Random, odd bursts of sewing, mind you; not the kind that would actually prepare said nest in any way.

Every year, my sister in San Antonio hosts a craft sale, and my mom totes our wares out there to peddle them. Most years, I have a pretty good little selection of handmade items to send along, but the creative well ran dry around the end of the summer (which is when I usually begin gearing up), so I was pretty comfortable with the idea of not participating this year. In fact, I was really comfortable with the idea. Did not care one iota that I’d have to miss out, despite my love of the little sweet cash it brings in.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I remembered how much fun I had making patchwork scarves for family and friends last year, so I started piecing a couple together. Then I put together a few more combos. Well, at that point, I had the brilliant flash of inspiration that I may as well make enough for every kid I’d ever met, and I ended up with this:

There are 14 in all. “Ah!”, I thought. “I can send them to the sale, and if they don’t sell, I’ll be that much more ahead come Christmas!” (We have 15 kids in our Children’s Church group, after all, in addition to our eight nieces, kids of friends, etc.)

Then I saw this pattern, and could not wait to try it. Could. Not. Wait. Forty-eight hours after I’d ordered it, I’d made the first one (with the black and pink interior; the exterior is the Farmer’s Market red and pink apple print) and loved it. Very user-friendly pattern, by the way, and a great way to use up strips of your favorite fabrics. The only thing I changed, I think, is that I used fusible fleece for the interlining, and that was because I had a huge piece on-hand and was so happy to find a use for it. Gosh, and use the ponytail elastics if you make these. So much easier than fooling with the cut loops, which half of the time slip right out of your stitches! Or is that just me? Anyway, one week later, I had this:

Yep. I made eleven more. Oh, and Mom called on Monday to see if I’d be interested in making some table runners to coordinate with the napkins she was selling. Since the deadline was Thursday, I was only able to crank out nine:

(I didn’t bother including the duplicates in the shot.)

For someone not interested in selling this year, I managed to crank out a pretty bountiful spread in two weeks time! It’s like a sickness, I tell ya. No, we don’t have any groceries in the house, and there is a growing stack of pants to be ironed, but the sewing shall not be diminished!

I also test-drove another pattern that I’ll review at a later time. It was the one that involved the bias-tape, which is why I only completed one. There are four more, however, that are just waiting on tape. Why stop now, I say? I mean, there are still two weeks left (perhaps!) til I have this baby, right?


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  1. Go Megan! Go Megan! Go, go, go Megan!

  2. Good lord. Look at you go! And you just gave me some great ideas for what to do with that giant scrap box and my growing holiday list. 🙂


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