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Well, we have been enjoying a nice bout of the stomach flu here in our corner of the world. Joey was the first to go on Friday, then Kevin on Sunday, and yesterday was my turn. Normally, I feel pretty sorry for myself when I get sick, so you can imagine the self-pity that accompanied nasty and disgusting sickness in the 39th week of pregnancy. Sad sad sad.

But –

I am thankful that we seem to be on the mend, and that it didn’t happen next week! Or, worse yet, the week we bring home the baby. There’s our silver lining! If only I could tent and fumigate our house; it would make me feel so much better. In the meantime, I’ve settled for a heavy hit of Lysol on just about every surface. Also, it worked out well that I didn’t dig in and start baking the other day, as I’d intended, because I would’ve viewed every bit of it as contaminated and had to throw it out. Extreme? Oh, I should say so, but this is who I am, People. This is who I am.

The sewing is slowing down, which is fine and all. The only problem is that I’ve kind of been banking on having the same burst of energy that I had right after Joey was born, so I’d have plenty of opportunity to squeeze in some extra sewing then. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten that Joey was born in the middle of summer. This baby is coming in the fall, and we’ve had our first chilly snap [you couldn’t call it cold, but our downstairs is pretty drafty, so it passes for cold in here], which reminded me that I tend to spend every free minute curled up on the couch drinking tea when it’s cold; very much a hibernator. Doh! Well, que sera, sera. For all I know, it’ll be hot as blazes right up into December (not unusual for these parts) and I’ll be less compelled to huddle under a blankie. Or I’ll just be huddled up for no good reason and not get all the things done I’d intended. I’m getting to the point where I’m pretty comfortable with it either way.

So, next week, my tentative plan is to stockpile some baked goods, make applesauce (yum!), and do one last clean-up. It’s somewhat similar to my approach to disaster preparedness: load up on food and do every bit of laundry while you can. What more can one do?


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  1. So sorry you’re feeling bad. Hope you get through it quickly. I’m a hibernator too, wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to do anything while it was cold?

    Take care of yourself – make that yourselves!

  2. Another family bites the dust in the war to stay well during the stomach flu epidemic at church!

  3. Oh no! That is horrible. How are you feeling otherwise? I am so sorry Meg.

  4. Whew – that’s a nasty one. Once is enough for the season and hopefully you guys did your time.

    Hope you get that applesauce made. Nothing beats homemade applesauce and I haven’t had it in forever.

    Fingers crossed and good thoughts issued for the upcoming weeks for you and your family.


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