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FaDSA Oct/Nov: Nothing Shocking

First of all, THANK YOU for all of the sweet messages you left after Bridget’s debut. You sure know how to make a (sorta) new mama smile. Forgive me for not replying, won’t you? Up until the past few days, every time I try to reply to a comment or post a comment on someone else’s blog, my mind turns to mush. I mean to come back to it, but. . . .

So, yes, I thought that this was the Nov/Dec project rather than Oct/Nov. The very fact that I was finishing something “early” should have been enough to give me pause, which should have led me to double-check the guidelines, but neither thing occurred, which is the not shocking part of this post.

The shocking part, if you could call it that, was that I finished anything at all. I mean, I had a semi-coherent idea and was able to translate it into a completed (and by completed, I’m only referring to the one, and not the other 9 that I cut on Saturday) project. Hooray! Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, the idea itself was inspired by a luminaria that I saw in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine from last December. Basically, you cut out half of a tree shape with an X-acto knife [oh yes: I even busted out the X-acto for this one, despite my cutting impairment], fold it over, and punch holes in it. In this case, the holes allow little bits of the green fabric, which is backing the card, to show. Then, I machine-stitched around the outline of the tree, and zig-zagged a trunk. Voila! Tree Card.

Special thanks to Ms. Finny for opening up the project to broad interpretation. Was I the only one who read the instructions in the book and went, “Really? This is it?”

You don’t have to answer that.

So, in closing, this project is complete, and I’m totally overly satisfied with myself for having wrapped it up, despite the fact that I was off by a month. Hooray!

Here at Baby Central, I’m beginning to suspect that Bridget is moving from fussy into colic; I’ve been in denial up til now. She’s sleeping on my lap at the moment, a moment I’ve been waiting for all morning. The good people at Starbucks are making a pretty penny off of me this week, since the Little Miss likes to ride in the car, and I like to have a destination when I set out. And said destination needs a drive-thru, and it’s been cold, so that means a tasty beverage for Mama. Oy. As for the boy, the poor boy, he goes from angel to devil about fifty times a day. I was thinking about it yesterday, and realized how hard it must be for him. Here is this little baby, who gets all kinds of positive attention when she screams, yet he gets punished. What’s up with that? So I understand where it might be confusing for him, but that doesn’t make dealing with him any less irritating when he’s having a yelling fit. Despite these little hiccups, though, we’re having a pretty good run so far over here, so I’m counting my blessings: Baby Girl will, at least, sleep on my lap a little bit, even when she’s at her most fussy, and that she will give me a couple hours at a time of good solid sleep at night. And that my boy is such a good helper, and funny, and sweet-natured…most of the time. Really, those two things alone are plenty enough to be thankful for, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, I must stop there for now. For my next trick, I’m going to see if I can throw in a load of laundry with said baby draped across one arm. Huzzah!

Edited to say: I totally thought that I’d published this yesterday (Tuesday), but it turns out that I couldn’t even manage to do that correctly. Blast it!!


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  1. Oh mother of two, this too shall pass! Hang in there! And your cards turned out great!

  2. Oh how I feel for you! Yesterday I checked in to see what was up in your world and assumed that it must be a bit overwhelming right now. I honestly don’t know how you managed to get that cute card done.

    Try to think ahead to calmer, more gentle and joyful days; they will come!

  3. Well, how you managed two kids and a project that had sewing, fabric, paper cutting and NO INJURIES is amazing.

    And cute to boot. You steal from BH&G, I steal from you. Ta!


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