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Maintaining Parental Credibility

A conversation between me and Joey, about a week ago:

J: I can’t wait until it’s Christmas, and then it will snow!!

M: Honey, it probably isn’t going to snow.

J: Maybe it will, Mama

M: It doesn’t snow in Houston, Joey. . .

J: . . .but maybe it will!

M: [Remembering the couple of times it did, in fact, snow in Houston over the past 20 years, and not wanting to be made a fool of by a 3 year old, and wanting to end this conversation already] Maybe it will; you never know.


It’s a little hard to tell from this photo, but those are snowflakes on the leaves. Yes, it was a Christmas miracle: snow in Houston! Our part of the county got it early, and none of it really stuck to the ground. I thought the boy would be disappointed about that, but he was so excited to see the snow. I even got him up early from his nap for the occasion, and he rewarded me by turning to me with the most excited smiling face.

“Merry Christmas, Mama!”

Yes, Merry Christmas, Son. Of course, we then had to have a whole convo on how it was not, in fact, Christmas yet, but I’ll spare you the particulars on that one.

All this to remind you that this is the season of miracles. Just ask Joey if you don’t believe me!


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  1. okay, that post just made my day! Talk about your Miracle on Summit Oak Lane

  2. It made my day too! It brings back memories of when my son was small. The wonder of little things and how children remind you to set aside your logic and think with your heart! I am so happy you both have this delightful little memory to share.

  3. It was sooo awesome when it snowed! My husband called to tell me- I had a friend over so I didn’t pick up. He left a loud message on our machine which we did hear, though, and about ran over each other trying to get out the door first! You’ve never seen two grown women run out the door to see snow so fast! And we’ve both lived up north where it snows all the time!

    We finally remembered to be mothers and hollered at our kids to put on their coats and shoes and come out! I think all my poor daughter managed was a pair of crocs sans socks! We only stayed out four or five minutes.


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