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Confession *IS* Good for the Soul

Can I just tell you how much better I’ve felt since expressing my mounting case of holiday anxiety? Total relief, seriously. I even woke up the next morning with a list of solutions to the things stressing me out, which tends to happen a lot, actually. Got a problem? Sleep on it. Definitely.

So –

I managed to almost-finish (really “almost-finish”, as in just needs the finishing touches and/or wrap it up already!, as opposed to sitting on the cutting table and/or still an idea on a spreadsheet) all of the gifts that are going to make it out the door in time for Christmas. Oh, yes, I did. And if I could remember to actually wrap the ones that are in a completed state, it would be a good thing. What is my problem? It’s like my brain is diametrically opposed to letting me get ahead when it comes to wrapping Christmas gifts; they are never done until after the 15th. Not never. Oh well.

Want to hear something funny? The handmade gifts that I completed early on in the game? Well, they’re the only ones not quite assembled. . . so I say “happy new year!”, and the problem is solved.

Easy, no? I should mention that these are not gifts for family members, so there won’t be that awkward “your gift is coming” conversation. Makes it even easier.

I’ve also managed to narrow down the baking list into something manageable, which is to say it doesn’t require eight billion different ingredients. That, my friends, is saying something. Once I start testing the recipes, I’ll report back. Hopefully, I’ll get that started in the next couple of days, now that I’ve figured out that most can be frozen for a minute or two without damaging the goods. (That’s another coup, because everything I was selecting had a three day expiration date attached to it, and do you really need that hanging over your head the week of Christmas? Um, no, thank you.)

So, to recap, I’ve gone from slowly swirling into a complete basket case to becoming pretty excited about the upcoming festivities. All in two short days.

Could it be the hormones?


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  1. coconut cookies and peppermint bark…what what?

    I’ll be making a chocolate thing that tastes oddly like See’s Toffee when I arrive in grand TX

  2. I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one suffering from Christmas anxiety. I do it every year, do you?

  3. Oh the Holiday Anxiety! I have it, too! Hang in there!

  4. I am so in the middle of Holiday anxiety. The rest of life keeps getting in the way and I am very behind. I have the makings of a to do list and have already simplified it once by changing ” Christmas gifts for friends” to “New Years gifts for friends”

    Luckily work gave us an extra half day off for Christmas shopping, although I think mine will actually be for Christmas sewing.


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