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Oh, I really hope your Christmas was as much fun as ours. I had the best time! There is something to be said for lowering your expectations (of yourself, that is). . .and then lowering them again. Let me tell you, I may not have a new “get out of jail free card” (as my mom referred to Bridget during this here holiday season) next year, but I’m not going back to the frenzied Christmas marathon of yesteryear. There is something to be said for scaling back a little!

That having been said, I did cram a little bit of gift-sewing into December. What would Christmas be without some handmade goodness, after all?

For the nieces in the 4 – 6 – year-old range:
Not-So-Brown-Bag Insulated Lunch Bags

Not-So-Brown-Bag Insulated Lunch Bags

Perhaps not every child’s Christmas dream, but definitely practical and (more to the point) their aunt was super excited to make them, so there you have it. They also received matching coloring wallets to round out the schoolgirl theme.

And for the girls in my craft syndicate:



Gratitude Wraps, which were actually almost-completed back in October.

The lunch bags and the gratitude wraps were both such great projects. Joey has already requested his own very special lunch bag, and I plan on making a little gratitude wrap for my own self in the near future.

(You know I like a project when I’m willing to re-visit it a fourth time!)

For now, though, I’m busying myself with some New Year’s cleaning. There is an enormous bin in my hallway which is already close to full from stuff that I’ve been tossing in as I tidied the house over the past week. One trip to the donation center, coming up! As for today’s special, I whittled down a three-bag laundry sorter full to bursting with scraps to this pile:


Ms. Meg’s not playing around this time, Friends.


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  1. Your lunch bags turned out so cute! So much better than the metal Strawberry Shortcake variety I used to carry at that age. And I am loving my wrap – as always the perfect gift!

  2. What great holiday crafting. I love the lunch bags and the gratitude wraps. I am going to add them to my crafty to do list!

    I have a lot of cleaning and organizing planned for this coming weekend. Just something about the new year that makes me want to start off fresh.

  3. What lovely and thoughtful gifts! I appreciated your comments on making Christmas simpler. I’ve been trying to get that philosophy adopted in our family too!

  4. What are you doing with all those other scraps? Wanna donate them to a beginner?

  5. Let us not forget the amazing gift you gave me! I just used my oven mitts to pull the monkey bread out of the oven (oh yes I wasted no time trying that one out) You are the queen of gift giving, and have the best taste and eye for color and patterns. Happy New Year! Feeling fine in 0 9

  6. Your stuff always looks so great! I love your fabric choices and those gratitude wraps are awesome.
    Wishing the very best for you in 09!

  7. Hey, Great lunchbags!! Love the fabric combos you used! I can’t pick which is my favorite. You accomplished lots with a new baby in the house!
    Happy New Year.

  8. Oh my, those are really good-looking gifts! So inspiring!


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