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Victory is Mine!


Victory in two parts:

  1. Yes, I conquered the homemade cinnamon rolls! The dough threatened not to rise, but I coaxed it into submission and managed to save batch #2, here. They taste good, but not quite as magical as I’d hoped. This being Houston, though, I bet they’ll be plenty soft and doughy by tomorrow. Woo hoo!
  2. In keeping with my resolution to be lest wasteful (dare I say Frugal Yet Fabulous?) this year, I managed to use up an entire dozen eggs last night before they expired. I baked these rolls [3], a pan of minty brownies [2], and then we had breakfast tacos for dinner [7]. Oh, yeah.

Now, how do cinnamon rolls, brownies and tacos fit in with the Cooper Good Health Initiative, which kicked off on or around the first? Well, it’s a progression, obviously. In Phase One, we’re focusing on more home-cooked meals and less takeout, because – as evidenced in our findings during our money tracking experiment – we likes the takeout. Some would call us takeout pigs, but that’s a little rude, don’t you think? Little harsh. So, anyway, we’re working on that.

[“We” made the decision to take on this Initiative, but I think we all know that “me” is the one working on it. “We” have agreed to be happy with the meals put on our plates come lunch and dinner time, though, and that is key to the success of this operation. Oh, and it should be noted that “we” does not include The Boy as far as happiness and agreement goes; he never signed on to desert his beloved Happy Meals. Surprise! And this officially ends my overuse of quotation marks for this post.]

It’s officially quite cold here today, so I’m working very hard (as you can see) on doing something other than curl up on the couch and drink tea. So, today, my plan is to:

  • Clear the very worst shelf in my craft area in an attempt to organize it once and for all.
  • Trace the pattern for some new pants for Girly.
  • Start sewing together the rows for the quilt top currently on the wall.

Time to get the ball rolling!


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  1. It must be cinnamon roll season around here, because I just made some, too. For the first time ever! And I will say that they were vuuuuuuuuury good. And I don’t even like cinnamon rolls that much. (Bubba LOVELOVES them)

    Good for you!

  2. I knew you would conquer the yeast thing! Your photo smells wonderful.

    I’m inspired by your new year’s goals and impressed with your fortitude. Frugal I’ve got under control – ha,ha. However there are other goals I need help with . . .

  3. Mmmm cinnamon rolls!! Love you goals – I find it so helpful to break things down into manageable parts too, so your to do to clean one shelf is perfect. I know you can do it!! And thanks for the link love!

  4. We were playing “drive to McDonald’s” Sunday night in the nursery, and I’m afraid we are the culprit if he couldn’t get Happy Meals out of his mind. Sorry, Mom!


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