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Like, Say, A Tote Bag?

I like to think of myself as an efficient person, although that may just be a fancy way of saying “lazy”, in this case, because it involves trying to cut down on the number of times I have to climb the stairs. Either way, I needed to find something that I could take with me on the way down in the morning, filled with all of the stuff that needed to be transported along with me and the baby, and then could be packed again for the trip up at the end of the day. Oh, and I wanted to make it, of course, in an attempt to maintain frugality and burn through some more beautiful fabric. I’ve seen some really cute basket ideas, but needed a hands-free option. Hmm. . . what to do, what to do. . . .

Wait –


Perhaps one of the half-dozen totes I have hanging around the house will do? You think? This one was the first in the line of grocery bags that I made last year, before I modified the handle. [And let me tell you, those suckers have held up!] It was in the unfinished basket, but it was even complete, making it super efficient.

Hey, I’m all for making something just for the sake of it, but the easy route was definitely the way to go this time. And it’s left me with time to devote to the quilt-top frenzy I’ve been indulging in this week, which is even better. (I’ll share the fruits of my madness soon.) Most importantly, I can now safely transport the baby, her spare outfits and blankets, my drink, a book, a notebook, and the phone in one easy trip. Call it what you will, and color me happy!


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  1. Hear, hear! Those stairs are killers! Can’t wait to get back to my one story!

  2. Must be in our DNA or something…it doesn’t strike me strange at all to pack for a trip downstairs!

  3. Megan-Please don’t put the baby in the tote

    Liss-You’ve truly lost it if you are packing to go down stairs…unless you mean the one step down into your garage, and in that case…you are just lazy

  4. Sounds efficient to me, and more creative and clever than my plain old stair basket!


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