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Back in the Loch with You, Nessie


I was going to say that this is what happens when you decide to go your own way, design-wise, and deviate from the pattern. Actually, though, this is what happens when you put a project down, intending to come back in a day or two to execute your brilliant new design idea, and don’t pick it back up for many, many weeks. And then you just want to be done, and don’t want to wait several more weeks for your mojo to kick in.

Yeah, the laundry bag here would be a perfect example of that. In my original vision, I was going to take the monkey bag and ditch the monkey this time around. In its place? An appliqued leafy branch, with a couple of large 3-d flowers and maybe a bird or two. So cute!

But –

I couldn’t really figure out how to make the flower. And, when I unearthed the bag pieces the other day, which have been languishing on my cutting table this whole time, I really really really wanted to bang this out and be done. (Getting things to the “done” stage is very important to me right now, in case I hadn’t mentioned that today.) So much so that, when I finally appliqued the leaves and branches on, I botched one of the leaves and convinced myself that the backwards stitches added a fun textural element to the design.

I’ve always been like that, by the way. When I used to roller skate down the driveway as a kid, and tried spinning or doing some trick, I’d always land with a flourish. Picture a gymnast with their arms over their head after they stuck their landing, except the gymnast is splayed awkwardly on the mat. That would be me, age 9. Ta da! And me, age almost-36, casting aside the idea of craftsmanship.

Back to the bag: As for the flowers, I remembered that I’d wanted to try out yo-yos, and thought those might be cute blossoms. For the uninitiated, yo-yos really are as easy as they look, and do make cute blossoms. Oh, and in case you couldn’t tell, I thought I’d break out and try to be a little bolder with mixing patterns with this project. Well, these kinds of things take practice. Lots of practice. The laundry bag is DONE, though, and will be put into use immediately in the nursery, so good and good.

Never in my imagination did I think I’d ever have so much to say about a laundry bag, or the making thereof.


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  1. I’m so impressed (and jealous!) you’re finding the time to sew – and such cute stuff, too!


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