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Easy Pattern, or the Easiest Pattern Ever?

When I first came across the Lazy Days skirt pattern, I immediately skimmed it, assessed it as do-able, and printed a copy for my file. I did not, however, attempt it.

Two reasons:

  1. Nobody on my to-do list was in need of a little girl’s skirt at the moment.
  2. Though it sounded very easy, I was really having trouble wrapping my head around the instructions.

Now, that makes it sound like there’s a problem with the instructions, but no. The problem is most definitely within my poor addled brain, and I’ll offer further proof of that in a minute. First, though, I want to thank Heather for being my unknowing guinea pig. She took on this role when she made this cute (!) set for her niece for Christmas. I then pounced on the opportunity to pick her brain and psych myself up for the future.

This is the gist of our conversation:

“Is it easy?”, I asked.

“Yes. Yes, it is.”

And that’s all I needed, because Heather would not steer me wrong. So, when birthday season rolled around, I was ready and waiting.


True to its claims, this skirt is both quick and easy, and I had a blast picking out the fabric and ribbon combos, because that’s my favorite part of any project no matter what. And, yes, I managed to make a mistake in where I attached the ribbon on two of the four skirts, and didn’t realize it until I’d pinned numbers three and four. It was just one of those moments when I dropped the needle, put my foot over the pedal, and thought, “Wait. What did that last paragraph say?” Yep. Not what I was looking at, that is for sure. The sad part? There are illustrations! Clear illustrations! It still did not compute. But, now that I’ve done it correctly, I won’t make the same mistake again, which is a victory, and it wasn’t an error that botched the finished product, so that’s another.

I can now deem this one my favorite kids clothes pattern ever. I predict that Bridget will be sporting a lot of these when she’s a little bit older. In fact, it’ll probably be her signature piece . . .’til she hits the [dreaded] culotte stage.


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  1. oh yes Megan, we are just so alike. Clear illustrations!? Perfect! Let me just skip right over those and….TADA, I have something that doesn’t resemble what should be. Well screw it, I’m left handed and I’m more creative then all of you! ALL OF YOU I SAY! at least that is my approach to any project….

  2. Ha ha ha….culottes…

  3. Well, look at you crankin’ ’em out! You’ve got quite a collection going on. I gotta get on the ball with one more cause I have another niece with a birthday on the way soon!


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