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I Was Doing You a Favor

My goodness. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything to say this week. No, it’s just that there wasn’t really anything new to say. I’ve been de-cluttering, or at least trying to–yadda yadda yadda–then the kids staged their revolt. Things went downhill from there. The older one thinks he doesn’t need a nap; the younger decided that sounded good to her, too. The younger decided to carry this on all through the night (as babies are wont to do), leading me to believe she will never sleep again. My brain knows this is not true, but, come 3 a.m., this is hard to believe.

They are both sleeping now. Well, the older is only pretending, but I don’t care. See how easy it is to make me happy? I feel like a new woman. Well, that and the fact that Mom took the boy for a lunch date. I can’t thank you enough, Mom—that was just what I needed! Those few hours made a huge difference in my mood. HUGE. I think my jaw has even unclenched. Huzzah!

So, with that, instead of continuing to vent all the random stuff that’s making me crazy this week, I’ll share a few random tidbits which have made me ridicilously happy:

  • Lori’s post today reminded me that I wanted to tell y’all that the famous 5-minute bread (basic boule recipe) makes a mean pizza crust! I found that out last week, when I was too lazy to make my standard one, especially when I had this dough in the fridge. Besides, the other one is easy, but requires a food processor. I hate cleaning the food processor. Anyway, Kevin thinks it makes the best pizza of the doughs we’ve tried thus far.
  • The Swiffer duster with the telescopic handle may seem like one more thing you don’t need. I, however, am in love with it! I can finally reach the high windows in my entryway and living room, which haven’t been dusted since. . .we moved in. Is that possible? Yeah, must be, because I can’t reach them, so yes.  Today, they were dusted for the first time in three years. [Why do we suffer from allergies?, I wonder.]
  • As usual, I am de-cluttering from the inside out, which is to say beginning with the closets. It’s sobering to see how much STUFF I’m packing up and hauling out. And then to see so much still here! Jeepers! But, the thing I’ve been enjoying is finding ways to re-purpose different storage containers and such. As much as I’d like to just start all over, that is a wasteful shame, so I’ve been extra methodical when figuring out new systems and storage solutions. Oh, and I parted ways with a large portion of my magazine collection. It was hidden away, sure, but it was still taking up space. Besides, I rarely have the time to really dig in and peruse old mags anymore. I can barely keep up with the new ones!
  • If you like kettle corn (I happen to love it!), you’ll want to try this one. It comes closest to tasting like the tasty festival original. Delish! I found it at Kroger, but also saw it at HEB today. (It was on sale for 50 cents less at Kroger, though, I’m just sayin’.)

And now I shall go back to work. I hope you’re having a wonderful afternoon!


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  1. I am sooo cracking up that your kettle corn got a shout out.

  2. You’re a champ. I can totally imagine feeling like your kids will never sleep again. I’d be looking for something sharp on which to impale myself.

    Thank you to your mom for taking them out to lunch 🙂

  3. See, I love lists like this. They are so useful! Thank you. And I hope your kids are napping right this minute and giving you a much needed break!

  4. I’ve been decluttering for a good month or so now and am nearly done- we move Saturday. I also had a stash of old magazines taking up space so I just sat down a few weeks ago and cut out the pics and things in them that we the reason for saving them. Then I glued them into a journal of sorts. I’m calling it my “inspiration journal”. I’ll have to post it on my blog soon so you get the whole idea, but I was inordinately proud of myself and it really is quite useful to do things that way!


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