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It’s Magnificent, and I’m an Idiot

You know, this whole reveal would have been a lot more spectacular had I taken a “before” photo. I do, in fact, remember taking one weeks ago, but it’s nowhere to be found. I’m betting that I wasn’t able to get a decent shot in this dimmest of all rooms.

So, for those of you who’ve never been treated through the tiptoe through the piles, you’ll probably think things like, Wow, that’s a good size craft area; or, perhaps, She really has a problem when it comes to fabric!

If, however, you’re one of the few who have witnessed the horror that was my workspace, you may want to go grab a cool cloth for your forehead; I’m about to blow your mind. [That may be a bit too much build up. I’m super excited!!]

OK, this first picture was taken a few days ago, when I could tell that progress was finally being made. I was also wondering what I was going to do with all of the stuff in those bins. The bins are usually the stumbling block. I do really well sweeping all of the stuff into the bins–you know, to be assessed and sorted at a later time–and then fail to empty them. And then add a few more, until I run out of receptacles and need to empty one for, say, the laundry. (Yes, again with the laundry.)


Then, yesterday morning, I woke up and thought, “Oh no. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the stuff in the blue bucket”, and trudged downstairs to address the situation. Lo and behold! I’d emptied it the night before, and was just left with the stuff on the cutting table and a small pile on the floor! By yesterday evening, I had this:


(I realize it’s not exactly the same view of the room as in the last shot, but the floor is totally clear. Not a bin in site!)

And the shelves, in all their splendor:


Now I’m off to celebrate by sifting through the scrap tub (which would be the one on the middle shelf, second from the bottom) to see if I can find any pieces just waiting to be cut on the clean, almost-bare cutting mat. I have more to share, so please join me for Part II!

(Oh, come on! As if I’d talk about this whole process for weeks on end and not have to drag out the celebration of its completion for more than one day.)


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  1. Wonderfull! Will you be having a post tomorrow featuring pictures of Kevin weeping? Just wondering.

  2. You’ve been a busy lady! Doesn’t it feel good?!

  3. Oh my good-ness!!! Speaking as one who has witnessed your room, this is monumental! I love your cutting table – is it new? If not, guess I never saw it before. (This is not meant as a crack! Smile!)

  4. now, that is some amazing progress! good for you, my friend. I was expecting to see Baby B sitting in the middle of the room noshing on something.

  5. Wow, this looks great!


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