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Much Ado About Nothing

I have yet another thing that I’m trying to overcome. It’s the tendency to push a project to the bottom of my to-do list over and over again, because it’s just too hard. And it would be one thing if the task was, in fact, difficult in some way, but they’re not. Not at all.

Cases in point:


The hot chocolate mix  (this recipe, minus the chocolate chips and marshmallows) I’d intended to make as Christmas gifts for Sunday School teachers, and never got around to actually making. Since I had all the stuff for it, I whipped up a batch for us sometime in January. It took all of five minutes. Now, in fairness to myself, I didn’t bother layering it up fancy-pants style in the little jars; that would have probably added at least another, oh, five or ten minutes. As for the marshmallows, I made those around Valentine’s Day (when we were on batch #2 of the cocoa mix). Those are time-consuming. . .sort of. . .and I give myself bonus points with actually mailing some to my sister.

Bonus points, of course, because going to the post office and actually mailing something definitely falls within my “that’s too hard” guidelines.


Then, there was the humble trash bag my sister-in-law requested for her car. You can see for yourself  that it’s a lovely, piece-of-cake type sewing project. Ah, but it requires hardware, and that requires that I would remember to pick up said hardware any of the half-dozen times I ran to JoAnn’s during the three month span between the time she requested one of these numbers and the day I finally finished it. I hate going to JoAnn’s, though, and try to spend as little time there as possible, so I often forget half of what I came in for. Yes, even when armed with a list. Also, I had it in my head that prepping the bindings, well, that takes a while. And it does. . .sort of. Just not three months long. Or even, say, an hour, but who really keeps track of this sort of thing?

Moving on!


OK, first of all, the only thing not glorious about our new and improved workroom is the lighting. When we moved in, I told Kevin that the lovely late 70’s brass and wood chandelier was going to be treated like the rose in Beauty and the Beast: when the last bulb burned out, it was going to be dead to us. Sadly, I had to break down and replace all the bulbs last year when I realized that replacing this fixture seemed to be on his “too hard” (or, perhaps, “don’t really care”) list.

Anyway –

“Make new headbands for Spring” has popped up on my master project list at least three different times. This is because I have started master project lists in at least three different notebooks, each time thinking it’s the first. Then I come across the previous list later, and realize that I’m not as sharp as I used to be. Now, I definitely remember something about these being a right pain in the neck. However, when I finally sat down the other day and decided to raid my remnant and fat quarter collection and make a few, I found that I was able to complete the whole thing in one day. Wha? Then I remembered: those baby-sized ones are a mother to turn! Good grief. If you decide to make some in that size (and I did not, this time around, because this was strictly for me me me), don’t do it without a turning tool. I mean, it can be done, and I did it, but man. Not again. So, when you’re making four regular-sized ones, and not ten in a variety of sizes, they’re super quick, super cute, and a great way to use up leftover fabrics. The one that I made out of the very last piece of my prized Amy Butler home dec weight fabric is the best, structurally speaking, but the regular old cotton ones hold up very well and are the most comfortable headbands I’ve found to date.

So what have I learned?

  • That my “too hard” list is way too long.
  • I should tell people up-front that they may need to allow anywhere from 3 days to 6 months for delivery of requested items.
  • DIY hot cocoa mix is not a money saver if you generally buy the cheap envelope variety, but it sure tastes a heck of a lot better (and costs about the same.) Also, dumping everything in a bowl and mixing it up can be done in the time it takes the water to boil for your morning oatmeal.
  • More daylight and less baby screaming = higher productivity.
Gratuitous Happy Baby Picture

Gratuitous Happy Baby Picture

And, finally—say it with me!:

  • A clean sewing area is a happy sewing area.

Yes, after a full week of lots and lots of sewing, everything is still in its place and beautiful. Might it become a habit, cleaning up as I go along and focusing on one thing at a time? I’m so hopeful!


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  1. Okay, how cute is she?

  2. Oh now that is just one cute little baby! It’s like she’s saying “Oh hello! Welcome to our home. I’m so glad you could join us”

  3. Thank you for my Car Trash bag. I love it. And what a cute pic of the baby!

  4. Hi beautiful Bridget!

  5. p.s. Meg, I just took my “5 min” bread out of the oven and am impatiently waiting for it to cool so I can try it.

  6. I completely understand what you’re saying. Another part to it that affects me is adding too many items to my list of things to do. Then multiple things end up at the bottom and I start feeling resentful which is so not the point. Now I’m trying to put the hard things (at least what I consider hard) to the front of the list which then makes all else seem like a piece of cake.

  7. As a huge fan of your spring headbands, it looks like you’ve got everything going quite well here! And that sweet babe. Hi Baby B!

  8. Hey! Look how cute your trash bag is! I’m so pleased that you would make one of my projects because, of course, it came out so nicely. Especially with the pain-in-the-ass binding.

    Good job burying the list.I’m a total slave to mine, too.

  9. Ok, confession – the post office is on my “too hard” list as well. I’ve had something packaged and addressed for two weeks, and it’s still hanging around here. I haven’t even got the excuse of young children, and it’s still too hard. But after reading this, I’m going to make it to the post office . . . tomorrow!
    P.S. Give that baby a kiss on her cute little cheeks for me!


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