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Craft:along March – Part II

You may or may not have noticed that my quilts tend to be on the low end of the quilting spectrum. That is to say that the actual quilting is a little sparse, or spread out, or both. And why is that? Because I am both impatient and lacking in upper body strength, qualities which are darn near requirements if you’re going to quilt on a regular old sewing machine.

That is, unless you’re making teeny tiny quilts, like these here Crooked Coasters:


Though I love a good coaster, I was pretty sure that we were full up on ’em around here, and didn’t plan on going the extra mile for this month’s :along.

Oh, but hang on! Let’s not forget the sore thumb sticking out on my bedside table, in the newly spruced (but yet to be decorated) master bedroom:


Yep. Withered up subscription postcard. That’s what passes for class in this place. And I actually had “coasters for master bedroom” on my ’09 project list, but I was almost embarassed to carve time out to whip some up. Why it seemed more ridiculous than the other fifty things I choose to waste my time on, I do not know, but there you go.

As it turned out, it was neither a waste of time (because these are super super easy and quick), nor of resources (look how nice and tiny they are!). Plus, the wavy quilting is kind of fun, and I really like the way it looks on such a small scale. Also, I loved squeezing out yet another project from the rapidly diminishing square of Forest fabric.

And, come on—doesn’t this look much better?


In fact, I loved it so much that I made some more for the living room:


You can’t tell, but the outer blocks are beautiful burgundy shot cotton, which I didn’t want to cut into but, hey, I decided to throw caution to the wind and spare the 5 1/2″ strip that this set required. Oh, I know how to live on the edge, I tell ya!

[By the way, I did modify the pattern slightly from the original by sizing them down about an inch and a half. Also, I sandwiched the batting in and sewed it to the top and bottom before turning it inside out. I just find it easier this way than trying to stuff it in and get it to lie straight, especially since I’m always too stingy with the space opening I allow for turning.]


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  1. #1: You are overachievey with your doing both projects and everything.

    #2: You may have just convinced me that I do, indeed, actually need additional coasters since I assumed that I did not, but right now have my tea mug sitting on an old checkbook register in the office.

    I don’t have a #3.

  2. Your coasters look awesome. I love the colors and the fabric print elements.

  3. Oh, I love ’em! I might just have to make some as well, since all that’s left of mine are three of the four criss-cross ones you made for me. Have I told you how much I use those?


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