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OK, I was trying to find the post where I’d first introduced this quilt, and after quite a bit of scrolling, I found the introduction of the completed top. A year ago. My, how time does fly. At least there’s a happy ending, though, for now she is done:


Please excuse me, but I love it so much, and it’s mine all mine!! Crazy quilting and all (because I tried to get fancy and quilt it differently inside some of the frames, which is not something I’d bother with again.) [I’m relying on that galloping horse expression, Janis!] This quilt also marks a milestone of sorts, seeing as it’s the first one I’ve ever made following a pattern in one of my many beloved quilt books. In fact, I think The Modern Quilt Workshop may have been the first contemporary quilting book that I bought, about four years ago. It’s still one of my favorites, too, although I can see myself easily becoming a one-trick pony and only repeating this particular pattern rather than branching out and trying another. Hey, you go with what works.

My design consultant (which is to say: Kevin) helped me pick out the binding. Actually, I held up two choices, and he picked the one I wasn’t crazy about, which is what usually happens when you give someone that kind of choice. I’m glad I trusted his eye, though, because it adds just the right punch. The best part of all, though, is the berry-colored fabric, and here’s why: I called my mom and told her that I was looking for just the right purple. “Not too red, not too purple. I’m trying to match this paint I used on a flowerpot in the living room.” Well, she said she had a couple of purples and would bring one over to see if it was close. Bingo. THE perfect color. I couldn’t believe it! One year later, I still can’t believe it, because I know I could have stood in the Joann’s for hours and not found anything even close. Hooray for Mom!

Currently, I have two more quilts in varying stages of done-ness waiting in the wings. My goal is not to let them languish in the pile past summer, which may be pushing it, but I’ve been on a roll lately. Besides, I’m really trying to finish one before starting another, nowadays, and I have another one I’m itching to start. I’m becoming a very tough taskmaster with myself, which seems to be what I’ve needed all along.


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  1. Aren’t moms that have stashes just the greatest! I really like the quilt! (And the pictures on the mantle, too!)


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