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Quilting is Fun

So, Spring to Finish is not going in any particular order. I started this quilt sometime this year, which makes it barely aged amongst its peers there in the box, but it still had plenty of rest-time. Also, I stalled out at almost every stage after the initial piecing of the top, which spells doom as far as finishing is concerned.


 Well over a year ago, I was admiring Mom’s collection of charm packs. Since she didn’t know what to do with them, I snatched one of them and offered to create something with these beauties. Of course, I had no idea either, but that’s beside the point. This chestnut provided the answer. (Yes, that makes this here quilt number 2 of 3. Well, or 4, if you count the one I sort of started for Kevin. I kind of got on a tear, and then burned out, if you can believe it. I know—shocking!) The large background squares are made up of some treasures of my own that had been wasting away on the shelves, just waiting for the perfect home.

Even though I didn’t participate in the very cool Oh Fransson Quilt Along – which, if you’re new to quilting and haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out – I did pick up some really great tips. The section on free-motion quilting really got me over the hump this time around. I usually start in the middle of the quilt, which I hate. Turns out, you don’t have to. Great! Also, the way she stippled helped on this particular quilt, because I wasn’t sure how to get around the large squares without coming across the next ones (which I left unquilted). Once I worked that out, I decided to quilt the center of each block with a tiny flower. Surprisingly enough, it actually even looks like a flower.



The back got a little wild. Well, variety is the spice of life and all that.


I also tried the method outlined here  for attaching the binding, and like it so much better than the traditional double binding that I always use.

If I’d made a label for this quilt, it would have had something cornball like “To Mom: For everything, and just because”, which is the only way I can sum up the reason I wanted to move this one to the top of the list. My mom helps me hang onto my sanity in a million different ways every week, so there’s no way I could ever repay her, but I can make her a quilt. Besides, who fusses over your work like you mom? Talk about an ego boost!

And, as a bonus, now I can get back to #3, which is the one I’m making for myself.


Edited to add: And I finished it just in time to join the Bloggers Quilt Festival – extra bonus!


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  1. Fabulous quilt, well done!

  2. Wonderful quilt. I love the fabrics and colors.

  3. I love the colors……just beautiful….very pretty.

  4. Love the quilt, the story and your blog!!! You mum must be very happy with the quilt you mde her!

  5. A lovely quilt. Great story. amazing what you can make with a bunch of stash lying around.

  6. Very pretty. I like your flower!

  7. It’s a beautiful quilt. I love the label idea, it’s such a touching tribute to your mother and your love for her. Is it too late to add such a label to one corner of the back?

  8. Three cheers for moms, quilts, and Bloggers Quilt Festival! Your little flowers turned out great! I’m really in the mood to do some more free motion.

  9. beautiful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. That’s really pretty! I love the soft colors in it.

  11. What a wonderful thing to do with a cahrm pack

  12. what a great finish! congrats!! love the little flowers you did.

  13. I’ve been behind, just catching up on my reading. You’ve been up to a lot of cool things! I absolutely love this quilt. I’m partial to both pink and yellow. Your free motion flowers look adorable.

  14. Hope you’re staying dry! We’re dry (well, no water in our house or anything anyways), though we may end up getting blocked in if they decide to let any dams out like they did last week!

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