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A New Day

My goodness, but it’s been an action-packed couple of weeks. We’ve been experiencing the less rosy side of life, I guess you could say. Nothing tragic, or even really bad. Just. . .below average.

Spring around here is kind of a mixed blessing, what with the best weather of the entire year, which brings on the worst allergies. This season has been horrible! So I wasn’t surprised when both kids started honking and sniffling a couple of weeks ago, seeing as both of there parents were already on a steady drip of Claritin-D. Then the baby got really congested, so I broke down and took her to the doctor, only to find that she was– yes –really congested, most likely due to the changing weather or allergies. Well, that’s what insurance is for. Then, Monday, the boy woke up with pink eye. Back to the doctor. Turns out, he (surprise!) suffers from allergies, or maybe a cold. And the pink eye wasn’t contagious. Overnight, his cough became terrible. Enter steaming showers at three a.m., humidifiers, the works. Much better by morning. We decide to stay in and keep our crumminess to ourselves; I miss bible study. Kids have spotty fevers, just enough to keep me on my toes, but not enough to warrant another doctor visit. By Friday, the baby is developing the same oozy (non-contagious?) eye. The minute I get off the phone with the nurse, it seems worse. By the next morning, it is sealed shut. For Pete’s! More meds, please. OK, crisis averted. Oh, and she is cutting her first tooth, further confusing the issue.

Oh, and then Kevin gets the “not contagious” funky eye. Whatever.

Oh, and now the baby has forgotten how to sleep through the night in her own bed, and questions the number of naps she really requires.

And, in the meantime, it pours rain not once but twice, providing us with our faithful living room creek, requiring not one but six loads of towels. I miss another bible study, mostly because I was sleepy, and also lost track of time. Model student.  

Of course, it could totally be worse. The good news is that this was the first time Kevin has witnessed the water situation with his own eyes (aside from during the hurricane, which doesn’t count because who didn’t have water in their house?), so he’s got a fire in the belly about getting this fixed. Hooray! It’s one thing to hear about it, and another to watch your floor get covered in water. And, I have to say, we’re not talking about horrible catastrophic flooding here. I’d liken it to having spilled a drink on the floor, if that drink covered a 6′ x 8′ area, and the same clumsy oaf kept dropping their refills as quickly as you could mop them up. We’d like to cut that guy off.

Anyway, the wheels are now officially in motion. [Hooray again!!] And the kids are on the mend, and they don’t have pig flu. And I was able to at least do some of my study homework while they  played last week, and even do a little sewing (since Kevin stayed home yesterday. Nice as well!) Oh, and he didn’t have to go out of town over the weekend, or the weekend before that,  which may well have been the last straw. So, see? Not so bad.

I actually have lots of fun stuff to share, but need to wait for the sun to come up here in the cave in order to get pics. Did you get that? The suns coming up today! It’s already a better day!


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  1. ah, sounds like what’s going on around here. just trying to figure out if it warrants a doctor’s trip right now.

  2. Glad to hear that you are surviving…. we’ve been missing baby in nursery!


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