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And What Did We Learn?

Here are the two final Spring to Finish projects completed during the month of April:


Oh, how I love this quilt. This was one of the first that I made a couple of  years ago, when I got on a baby quilt kick. Yet, here we are, lo these many years later, and I just finished it this week. Do you know what was holding it up, come to find out (because I’d long forgotten)? I’d missed one row when I was quilting it, so I need to go back and stitch that. Also, there was about a three inch piece I’d quilted by mistake, which needed to be removed. Yeah, so it took all of ten minutes to tackle both tasks. Then, it needed its bindings, which added a couple more days.



Do you know what’s funny? These colors are exactly what I used for the baby’s nursery. I guess I like what I like! As much as I’d like to hang onto this one, I think it’s going to be a donation quilt. It’s good to let go once in a while, no?

As for these, we can safely file them under “How Many of These Did I Make?!”:


Sweet fancy Moses! I opened up the works-in-progress box, only to find two more. One needed to have the threads cut, and the other was missing the stitching around the top. Done and done. . .and done, because these really and truly are the last two grocery bags. I actually could use a couple more, because the baggers have been filling mine to the utter brim. Maybe if there were more in the cart, they’d feel free to fill them a little less generously. Here’s hoping.

So, the lesson I learned is that I need to crack the w.i.p. box open a little more often to see what’s holding up production. Also, it would be a good idea to finish things in the first place once in a while, just sayin’.


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  1. Very cute quilt!!

  2. And look at you – bustin’ out the projects! Doesn’t it feel good to finish something that’s been hanging over your head for too long? That’s what I’ll be doing at craft day!

    P.S. I got my b-day project done at 3 in the morning. Good night!

  3. I love your finished projects. It’s amazing how UFOs can have just a small thing that requires attention before we’re done with them, but somehow they end up in the “to be done later” pile. Sad, but true. I did get a few of my own UFOs done with the “Spring to Finish” project, but admit I still have more. I think it’s because I get so excited about the “next” project, I put whatever I was working on to the side planning, all the while, to get back to it. Then the next thing comes along and before you know it, there’s a pile of projects not yet done. I’m guilty and should be arrested.


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