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Brought to You By The Letter “B”

As in: Bitter Betty’s Bowling Bunnies  [scroll down to 11/18/08; I was having trouble linking] are Brilliant!

Although I click through a lot of inspiring things online, it’s cause for celebration indeed when I come across something that makes me jump up and down, saying,”I *have* to try that!” , and I can actually remember exactly where I saw it when the time comes along. This was one of those projects. I knew I wouldn’t get around to it by Christmas, so it was filed away in my little old brain for a later date. What’s not to like about this idea? 

Seriously — brilliant, Bethany!

 The thing is, I was afraid that my kid (who was the youngest in the whole family until Bridget came along) might be too old. Why is three too old, you ask? Yeah, I have no idea. I’m not really good at gauging this sort of thing. Flash forward to January, where he and his cousin are setting up toys to bowl them down. We-ell!

OK, so I figured I would make a set for him for Easter. Considering I started on them very early, that shouldn’t have been a problem. Sadly, I didn’t make the deadline. Happily, he doesn’t have a real firm grasp on the whole Easter basket/bunny thing, so it didn’t matter to him in the least. Thanks to Spring to Finish, he is now the proud owner of his own Bowling Bunnies.


I got so excited once I started making them that I totally neglected to look at the original, which clearly shows three bunnies as a perfectly adequate number (hey, and maybe they would’ve been finished back in February!), with different facial orientation, and some good words on weighting the little guys. Nevertheless, this was big fun.


Even managed to finish the second set. Actually, this was the first set that I started (back in January), but a mother knows when it would be better to finish her own child’s gift first. Oh, the sadness when it is not for him!

As a side note, one fat quarter yields enough for the cotton pieces of two bunnies and two section of the ball. Finally, something to make a significant dent in the fat quarter collection!


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  1. I love your play with the letter “B”, too cute. We have some wee grandchildren and this would be a fun project for them. Thanks for sharing this project and your fun writing about it.


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