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So Much For That

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If there’s one good thing about getting behind and not finishing all of your Christmas projects, it’s that at least you’re that much ahead for the coming year’s events, right? Well, in theory. That was how I consoled myself last winter, when I didn’t finish the gifts for Joey’s AWANA leaders. Never mind that he hadn’t been to Cubbies in, oh, about six weeks by the time the holiday break rolled around. (And, for that matter, that he didn’t make his triumphant return until March. Mama was having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. We’re much better now, though. . . just in time for the year to come to a close.)

Oh, how clever I was feeling, knowing that I had the end-of-year presents almost completed. So together! Pat yourself on the back!

And then carefully read the notice that was passed out last Wednesday night, and you will see that the number of leaders has gone from five to seven. You do not have seven almost finished gifts. You have five. You go ahead and lower the celebratory banner you’d been waving around in your own honor (only in your head, of course, which is always for the best), and start trying to think of Plan B.

Thank goodness for this here computerland! On Saturday night, I came across this fine pattern, and knew that I was back in business. Sure enough, it was just as straightforward as it looked; I had all seven cranked out by Monday evening.


[Don’t you know how happy I was to have an excuse to come up with seven different fabric combos?! That was the present for me.]

Of course, these gifts are only a token of our thanks; these women are worth their weight in gold. They show up every week, and work with a room filled with high-energy three and four-year-olds. I, for my part, can barely manage to get my kid there. And he has the best time, and has learned so many bible verses with their help. As a mom, I’m just so grateful for the help, you know?

Now, the interesting part remains to be seen: Will the boy be able to fork these over, even though he’s not getting a present in return? We’re having a little trouble with that concept around here.


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  1. You’re so good! Me? I ended up throwing cookies in gift bags. Yeah, well…


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