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Sewing Feast = Photo Famine

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I’m in the middle of a sewing bender right now, which should be winding down soon enough. Then, I’ll get around to taking pictures to document the collection:

  • ginormous laundry bag for future h.s. grad
  • lunch bag for the boy
  • two skirts, plus one that was rescued from the scrap bin
  • four robots
  • two turtles

AND (although this falls outside the heading of sewing)

  • the annual “how long ’til it’s dead?” herb garden

Oh, and a batch of cookies today, which will surely be eaten before I can present evidence of their existence. Just trust me when I say I just took three dozen cookies out of the oven.

Both kids were kind enough to just be quiet and/or sleep this afternoon, which is why I took a minute to pop in here. I swear, I feel like I’m constantly weighing my options about how to spend every single second. If I sew, I won’t have time to clean. Of course, if I clean and don’t sew, I’m going to be in a foul mood. Then again, if I really get on a roll with the projects and get interrupted, woe unto you!

 That’s my personal struggle with balance: trying to keep “me” time from tipping way over into “to the complete exclusion of all of you” territory; a fine line, indeed.

Also, I’ve been trying very hard to implement a new discipline, which is to finish what I start before beginning the next task. Totally goes against my grain. That’s why I have so many projects in the finished column, though: I didn’t want to be confronted with the huge pile of proof that I was slowly slipping back into my old ways. Therefore, I had to hurry up and finish everything that had been cut and stacked on the edge of the table, waiting for its turn at the machine. Whatever works, right? Hopefully, I’m back on track now.

OK, then. To be continued. . ..


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