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You’ll Be Needing This, Of Course

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Because nothing conveys love and congratulations better than an enormous laundry bag.

That’s my philosophy, at least, which is why this has been my go-to high school graduation gift (for girls, because I can’t bring myself to give hand-sewn gifts to high school boys, unless they’re related, and then too bad for them), and I can’t just shift gears now. Plus, I’m a little at a loss for ideas when it comes to grad gifts. Really, though, you might head off to college or your first apartment thinking that you’ll be fine with just a basket, until you trail your undies behind you on the way to the coin-op machine. I’m just saying, it happens.

What I forgot about this particular model was how absolutely huge it is, and this one is actually smaller than its predecessors. The original was an early Amy Butler pattern, and this one is uses the pattern from her InStitches book (which is two inches smaller in diameter, bringing it down to a modest 13. And almost three feet long, so it can double as a slightly uncomfortable sleeping bag. Practical!) Also, I was happily reminded that an InStitches pattern that is only a few pages long is pretty easy in its execution. Good times, fellow Sew-Alongers—good times.


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  1. She’ll be thanking you for saving her all that embarassment! You’re too funny with your practical sense!

  2. The laundry bag is fab — and I love your commentary about the “trailing along undies”, you are TOO funny!

    A wonderful, perfect gift!

  3. I would have used the heck out of that thing. I think I might make one for my roommate. You think that’s too pointed of a way of saying, “GET YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY OFF MY CARPET!”

    Hope you are well!

    • On the contrary, it’s more than kind. Pointed is gathering up the pile o’clothes and throwing them in the trash. Or maybe that’s hostile, but whatever. 😉

  4. OH yeah, I made a halvsey one for Bubba for his drycleaning and even that is pretty big. So cute, yours! I love the flowers here. And white. No one uses white anymore. Totally underestimated color in sewing.


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