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1. There Must Be a Better WayIMG_2405

And, indeed, there is. (This is as much a note to self as anything else.) Whenever you’re making something that has, say, one-inch wide straps, and the instructions advise you to stitch them right sides together and then turn them, don’t do it. Just don’t. There are a couple of other ways to go about making straps that don’t leave your fingers gnarled and bleeding after an hour of turning one. Yes, one. Of four. This time around, halfway through the second one, I scrapped the whole pile and started over. Since I didn’t have enough fabric to match (of course!), I used two coordinating pieces, pressed a 1/4″ seam allowance on each long side, put them wrong sides together (after hitting the s.a. with a glue stick), pressed them again to set the glue, and edge-stitched them. You can see them off to the right, there, all neat and pretty. The whole process, from cutting right on through to the end, took less than thirty minutes. Lesson learned.

I say that, but I already knew that and totally forgot! Hence the note to self, here.

2. Here They Come!


My little robot emissaries joined the girls, and are currently en route to Eren, This Vintage Chica, to meet up with the rest of the craft hope dolls. Can you believe it? Not only did I complete them in a timely fashion, and did not bite off more than I could chew, but I mailed them off. Because, without the timely mailing, the whole thing sort of falls apart, you know? I’m hoping this is the beginning of a new trend in my life.

3. Tasty


I was pretty sure this would be a hit, given the popularity of burgers, cheese, and garlic in this household. Very good dinner, even though I totally cheated by using the fully-cooked burgers from HEB instead of making my own. Hey, they were in the freezer! Why waste them? Anyway, the sauce is really easy and quick (and a little on the rich side, but quite delish), and the tomatoes are an excellent accompaniment. I skipped the basil garnish, but just because I was at capacity for elements. I’m only doing so much prep work for one weeknight burger.


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  1. Okay…in spite of them being robots I like them. Who would have thought?

  2. Your bot smiles are so quirky. Love em! They look like they have something up their sleeve – only they don’t have sleeves.

  3. You are so right about those straps. I’ve had to be quite creative in my word choices when attempting such things. Now I use a different method, too, which saves my vocabulary. The robots look cute and the burgers make me hungry just looking at the photo.


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