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Summer Snippets: Ice Cream All Around!

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My Mother’s Day gift: an ice cream maker. Oh, we will truly be fat and happy this summer! This is Round 2; we tried Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream (from this book) in Round 1. It was delicious, exactly like a frappuccino.


This time, we went with a classic Fresh Strawberry (from the book which came with the mixer). It was quite delish, but how could anything with two cups of cream and fresh strawberries not be? And there is the only thing that keeps me halfway in check when making my own treats: I know exactly what’s going in there. Oh, I can enjoy scarfing them down, alright, but not all in one sitting. It’s a good thing.


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  1. I got the same ice cream maker for my birthday and we’ve been having fresh ice cream all the time! I usually substitute half the cream for 2% milk and it works out pretty well. This chocolate peanut butter has been our favorite

  2. Yum – I loooove homemade ice cream. I think I have the same ice cream maker as you! My recent fav (last summer) was peach tea ice cream. We steeped peach tea in warm milk, then used it in the ice cream, along with fresh peaches. Delish!

  3. Yep – my freezer tub is in the freezer now – waiting for me to dump in a ton of fresh cherries. And chocolate chunks. Because what is ice cream without chocolate? Yeah, dunno.


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