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Summer Snippets: The Dress

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Ahhh. Finally something I can make for one of my children, other than pajama bottoms. This is quite possibly the easiest little sunsuit known to man: self-line, so there’s no hemming, and ties instead of buttons. Hello! I made one for my niece almost three years ago [What?! How could that be?], and was thrilled to have an excuse to bust this pattern out again.


The pattern is McCall’s M5079. It also includes instructions for bloomers and a hat. I’m too lazy to sew the elastic into the bloomers, so my model here will be wearing pre-fab shorts; hats are in the works.

I’ve already made two more of these little dresses, so you know I’m not kidding about the easiness factor. Tying them onto a wriggly baby is a whole ‘nother matter, but we must suffer for fashion, no?


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  1. I will have to stop by to eat those arms!

  2. I know, those little feets!

  3. I love the outfit and the model. How cute!

  4. Cuuuuuuuuuuute! Does the pattern size up to 6x? I’d love to make one for my goddaughter.

  5. What a little beauty!


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