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Summer Snippets: Not Dead Yet

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The mint, basil, and rosemary (and some lime basil, not pictured) still appear to be thriving. Mind you, this is despite the tiny snails and possibly some kind of leaf miner. Oh, and the fact that I planted them, which is the biggest curse of all.

Don’t believe me? I’ve been informed that the men of the house pray for my plants every night. They can’t stand to see me standing heartbroken amongst the twigs that were once “unkillable” edibles one more time. Thanks, guys.

We’ve already dined on the basil and mint a couple of times, so at least they’ve about paid for themselves. I hesitate to hope for much more than that. Maybe I need to borrow a little faith from my prayer warriors.


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  1. Meg, I’m growing basil, mint, rosemary, parsley and dill. Race to the death?

  2. Well, look RIGHT AT YOU growing things that aren’t dying. You rock! Black thumb, my butt. I’ll tell my plants to send your plants some good healthy vibes 🙂

  3. Your herbs look wonderful. I should have thought about planting basil and mint again this year. That’s okay, I have a neighbor who did, so I’ll trade something for sharing her bounty.


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