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Summer Snippets: The Other Dress

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Last week, I saw one of the beautiful toddlers at our church coming down the hall in what looked like a handmade pillowcase dress. Sure enough, her mom had whipped it up for her and assured me that it was as easy as it looked. That’s all I had to hear!

One of the great things about having had a whole mess of nieces before I had my daughter is that I always have a guinea pig, in just about any size, for my sewing experiments.


This is for my Magnificent Bean, who is turning four (!) this month. I was so happy to still have a large enough remnant of this print, which I’d used to make her an outfit (it was the first run of The Dress, in fact) when she was an infant. I know you don’t really need a pattern for this sort of project, in theory, but I always do. There are good tutorials here and here, amongst a slew of good tutorials, but I happened to have one in a book.

Which book, you ask? Well, I wasn’t sure myself. Hmm, where have I seen that before? Which book would have a project that called for a pillowcase. . .recycled materials, if you will. . .?

Could it be Sewing Green?

Would that have been the first place a thinking person would have looked, especially if that person had read it cover to cover several times only a couple of weeks ago?

You would think. It took me a while, though. Whatever; I found it.

OK, and I even made the bias binding (because I didn’t have any of the packaged kind in the right color, and I had to make it RIGHT THIS MINUTE once I got started), and the whole endeavor took less than a couple of hours. And that’s including the eighty times I went over each step, and let’s not forget it was 9 o’clock at night. Sometimes, these things just take over your brain, you know? I couldn’t stop!

Yep. There will be more of these.


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  1. So cute! I’ve been wanting to make some of those for my younger nieces. Would a pillowcase work for a 6 year old do ya think?

  2. Oh these pillowcase dresses. I guess I need to find a pillowcase with something other than Just White on it.

    We’re so boring.

    Meanwhile, that ribbon trim is vurrry cute with that pattern. Nice, Snappy!

  3. I came across your blog today by clicking some random other blog links. 3 years ago I bought the same strawberry print fabric at a clearance sale. Its so cute! I made a summer dress for my niece and wish I had more of it.


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