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It Only Took Ten Years, and A Reminder

Back in my wild single days, I used to wake up super early on Saturday mornings (not on purpose, mind you) and watch the sewing shows on PBS. I was all excited when one of the guests showed how to turn a pair of old jeans into a skirt, and sketched out the instructions in one of the many notebooks I kept in my purse/on the bedside table/lying on a desk. Oh, how I love a good notebook. Well, that’s as far as it went.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Simplicity sends me an email with very similar instructions. Oho!, I think. This time I’ll try that out for sure!

Well. . .not so much. I didn’t have any jeans ready to be sacrificed, and then my eye caught sight of something shiny, which was apparently all it took to push the whole skirt thing right out of my head. No surprise there; happens all the time. But, let’s skip ahead again to March, when Heather sees another version of this project, and actually makes it , and it turned out so cute! Now I’ve seen it live and in person, which always is good for lighting a fire under me, so it only took three more months to get around to it. And, let’s face it: That’s only because I was cleaning out the discarded clothes that were piling up in the laundry room cupboard, and what should I happen upon but a pair of jeans and some old khaki cropped pants. Perfecto!



The jeans turned out to be more effective than the khakis, though I’m not sure why. It could be due to the original fit, which were pretty different, considering the jeans actually belonged to my husband. Yepper. Hey, I just go with what works. Even so, though, I’ll be wearing the other one, too. It’s comfy, and Mama needs skirts. VBS is coming up, and the pickings in my closet were getting a little slim. I might need to see if Kev has any other cast-offs. It beats shopping with two kids any day!


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  1. Hey, I like the tan one too! Let’s see… do I have a pair of khakis?

  2. Super cute! I love the khaki one!

  3. Maybe THAT’s what I could do with my old too-breezy-in-the-seat-if-you-know-what-I-mean jeans…

    Good job! Finally! Just kidding. I have pattens from 10+ years ago sitting cut and ready in my sewing basket. I bet I never go back to them.

  4. these skirts look great…i really love the denim. I put this is my file of things to make


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