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Out of Order

Good grief.

I’ve had so much to say and share, yet. . .nothing. For days on end. It’s like I can’t get my head organized enough to let the words out.

Can I blame the heat. Because it’s pretty hot, you know. In fact, the heat has been the top news story this week. High temperatures in June? Sound the alarms!

Anyway, we’ll start fresh with the stuff I’m working on today (sort of), and I’ll work my way backward eventually. This will give you an idea of what it’s like inside this ping-pong brain of mine:


I’d like to get the Children’s Church materials sorted and prepped before it’s our turn to teach (in July),


but I really should finish up the decorations for VBS, seeing as how they need to be hung up on Saturday.


Ooh! But the call has gone out for the latest craft hope project, and they need to be in by July 25! Quick—to the machine!

See? Barely controlled chaos. At the moment, I’m baking pie squares (more on that tomorrow, hopefully), and thinking about sewing a little before it becomes intolerably hot in the sewing room (which is to say: about twenty minutes from now).


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  1. Yeah, I know the feeling. Sometimes I just want to look at Blogger and go, “I don’t know – YOU decide how to say all this stuff.”

    Sounds like hot fun at your house 🙂


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