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Q: Vacation Bible School + a/c problems at home + family staycation =

  • A: Fun fun fun!
  • B: One cranky mama
  • C: Depends on who (and when) you ask
  • D: All of the above

Add to that the fact that I dropped off my sewing machine for service this morning, and it won’t be back for two weeks, and you have a lighter than usual posting schedule.


[Wrapping inspired by MADE.]

Fortunately, before all of this madness, I was able to wrap up a few things.

First on the list is the quilt I made for my niece’s birthday.


The minute I saw the Baby, I Do pattern, I knew I’d have to try it out; I’m so glad that I did! It was a lot of fun, even the circles, which I was sure would get screwed up but they didn’t.

I used Kona cotton in daffodil and bright pink, along with two fabrics from Heather Ross’ Mendocino line.


The back is made up of my treasured Heather Ross Lightning Bugs (I think) dots, joined together by a patchwork strip of leftovers from the front and binding fabrics. I was hard-pressed to use the dot fabric,  which is not something I’m proud to admit, because I’d bought it last year specifically for a quilt for my Magnificent Bean (which didn’t pan out, hence the 4th birthday quilt rather than one for her 3rd. These things happen.) Using it is my way of convincing myself that,  no, I do not have a problem with hoarding. Besides, it hurts less knowing that one of my most loved little people is snuggled up under a fabric so cool and comfy.

Oh, and as for the quiz, the answer is most definitely D. A resounding D. I may pop in again this week, but don’t be surprised if I don’t. When I do, though, I expect to have tales to tell. Or not. Who knows? But I will have show and tell, because I have a backlog here.

Have fun and keep cool!


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  1. I am so proud of you!!!! It looks wonderful, what great fabric choices you made. Look at those circles…piece of cake, huh?

    Great job girlie!

    Have lots of summer fun!


  2. I’ll be honored if you add it to my flickr group.

  3. The Bean really loves the back of the quilt…she pretends it’s candy and loves to snack on it – I have to say, I agree…it does look tasty! :o) Mmmm, fabric dots…

  4. Hey, I didn’t put that face in my comment…how strange…

  5. Meg, the quilt is gorgeous!!

  6. I LOVE IT!!!
    From one cranky mama to another…

  7. i really love that quilt! so when you are doing the squiggly marks on the quilt, do you just move the quilt around and go every which way??? i want to make a quilt!

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