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Well, friends, Friday certainly was a new day. Not only was it the last day of VBS (which was actually much more pleasant than I would’ve expected, thanks to the good company and reasonably low numbers in the baby room, not to mention the hilarious rides home with my boy, which were totally worth the price of admission), but I came away with a fabulous prize [Thanks, Boss Lady!], and – best of all – the air conditioner at home was repaired late in the afternoon.


I tell ya, if I were the gambling type, I’d have played some numbers in Saturday’s lotto; that’s how hot our streak was on Friday.

But let me back up for a moment, because the day got off to a shaky start. I decided to take the baby with me, since Kevin was going to have to stay in the hot box to wait for the repairman, so I was off my game. In my hurry to get her stuff all packed, I’d neglected to find Joey anything fun to wear for crazy sock/glove/shoe day; left his pennies for the all-important penny war on the table; forgot to go over his verse for the day. Yet, I still managed to make us ten minutes late in the process. It was only when we were halfway down the street that I started to tally up all of the ways I’d messed up our morning, and I was reasonably sure I was going to burst into tears the moment I rounded the last turn (with the stroller up on two wheels by this point, burning rubber all the way because I hate to leave the other moms standing there holding their babies while I make them late for their assignments). But I didn’t, and do you know why? Because I was greeted at the door by the friendly face and kind words of my beautiful friend. Mind you, she was the only one who’d been impacted by my tardiness, because my first customer had been parked in her room, but you’d have never known it.

It’s good to have friends. It’s really good to have a friend like Heather.

So, here we are at the beginning of a fresh new week. Y’all know how I love my routine, and I’m really hoping to get back into it tomorrow. Never have I been so excited to clean house! Oh, and this will tell you how off-kilter things have been: I’ve not made a decent list all week. I know! Not to worry, though, because that’s the first order of business: make a decent list.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a doozy.


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  1. Too funny, because the first thing I did this morning was make a list. Thankfully it was a list of all the fun stuff I want to do this week for ME!!!! Yeah for no more VBS!

  2. We’re just back from vacation and ,although we had a fabulous time, a fresh new week with a clean house is a wonderfully welcoming and soothing thing.

  3. I have a list that starts with “make a list”….it’s sick, I know.


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