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Crafting Up Some (More) Hope

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First of all, thank you for the kind comments about my quilt! You guys are the best!

Jade: To answer your question, yes. I used a meandering pattern, which basically means that you put your hands on top of the quilt, on each side of the needle, and slide the quilt sandwich back and forth, sort of making a shape of a puzzle piece (if that makes any sense). “Meander” is a great description; you really just wind your way up the quilt and back down again.

Being the one-trick pony that I am, this is also the method I used to quilt some blankies for the latest Craft Hope project, before my machine went into the shop:


In fact, I was racing to finish the quilting so I could go ahead and put the machine in the shop. Anyway, I absolutely love stacked coin quilts, and wanted to share some of my favorite pieces with these little babies. (Well, the one in the center is a stripey quilt, instead of the stacked coins, but it uses some of my favorite fabrics, too.) They’re very small, about 30″x40″. Since these babies are in the hot hot heat, they’re interlined with flannel or muslin instead of batting, and are backed in cotton. [I like the flannel better than the muslin, as it turns out. It crinkles up better in the wash.] The cherry one is actually backed in shot cotton, which is so very light and beautiful.

Can you tell that I read Eren’s post as a charge? How could I not use my favorite treasured pieces? Such a ridiculously small thing to do. But, I’ll make you laugh: The other night, I dreamt I was trying to make a rag ball [Wait – did you see that more items have been added to the list? And that they’re no sew? And that the babies are currently sleeping on bare plastic mattresses? In the heat? I’m sweating just thinking about it!], and I kept attaching the strips on the wrong side, and had to tear it up and start over.

Sometimes, you can over-think a project, no? I mean, who messes up a rag ball? Of course, I haven’t made one yet, so we shall see.

Anyway, we still have two weeks and change to submit our offerings, so there’s still plenty of time! Let’s get crack-a-lackin!


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  1. thanks for the description! i’m good at meandering, i’m sure i can do the quilting kind.

    good thing i’ll get those in my hands so i can take a peek at your skills before i send them away. 🙂

    they are lovely quilts. thank you so much!


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