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Christmas in July

What? You didn’t spend Tuesday morning making gingerbread houses with your kids?


Yes, the kit has been sitting on top of the refrigerator since Christmas (when I didn’t have the one drop more of energy it would take to be Fun Mom); no, I don’t think the extra six months affected its quality. Willy Wonka candy? Come on. Anyway, it rained for the first time in forever on Tuesday, so I pulled this ace out of my sleeve. Thankfully, it was a hit (and well it should be, considering he’d been eyeballing it for months, until I got savvy enough to shove it to the back of the fridge-top.)

Here’s proof that I actually let him work on it himself, going against all of my naturally bossy instincts:


Nice form, right?

Well, it was good for a full twenty minutes of fun. Then, I let him feast on the leftover candy, which did not stop him from robbing Sweet Tarts from one whole side of the roof and shoving them into his mouth. Not surprising, I suppose, considering he’s a kid. That’s his job. I, in turn, shook my head sadly and loudly mourned the fact that he could not be trusted.

As the mama, that’s my job.

Simpler times, last Tuesday morning. By afternoon, I began to suspect that the a/c had stopped working again. Yepper. This time it REALLY stopped working. It’s fixed now, though, and the headache that had me stumbling through yesterday seems to be down to a low roar, so happy days are here again!


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