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So Little Time

“Know what, Joe?”


“Your friend’s birthday is the same day as yours!”


“Yup. I think you should make her a present [but I did not add: because you have real problems celebrating other people’s birthdays, and we need to work that out pronto.]”

“OK! I’ll make her a rag doll [because she is a girl, and therefore must want a doll]!

“How are you going to do that, Joe?”

“Um, I will put two papers together, and then you will make her a doll.”

Ahh, the spirit of his grandfather is strong within that one. “I need a gift; you whip something up.”

Lucky for him, I was all too happy to oblige (since I already have a tried and true pattern that I love).


Say, what are you hiding behind your back, Little Lady?


I love those little wings! As easy as they were, I’m still super excited that the idea made it from my head to the canvas, as it were, without a bunch of problems. Such a rare and wonderful occurrence.


Yes, my machine is back in its rightful place, so all is right in the world again. The minute I started sewing up this doll, the list of things I wanted to work on came flooding back, and I’m so ready to go!

Sadly, this is real life, and sewing is not on the docket today. There are two baskets of clothes waiting to be ironed upstairs. I have one free hour (if I’m lucky) this afternoon; duty calls.

Duty stinks.

Nevertheless, this is the life I chose, so I’m going to pour a nice glass of tea for myself and go heat up the iron. Onward, ever onward!


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  1. She is so sweet!!! MJP Jr. strikes again!

  2. I wish you were my mommy. My goddaughter would LOVE that doll. Too bad her evil godmother sucks at dolls, plushies, etc.

    Thankfully, she likes her dresses, that one. Maybe I’ll sew wings on her dresses.

  3. cutie McCute cute! What an adorable doll! Reading over your blog you’ve been a busy girl, and a good momma! I remember when Luke turned 4 (he’s 26 now), he wanted some nasty nasty tasting strawberry cake. Guess what he got? The nasty strawberry cake cover in sprinkles! He loved it, and felt so special! You only turn 4 once.


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