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Joey’s special gift from his dad this year was a sound design kit. It’s a work in progress, so it only included the basics: tape recorder, headphones, and Slinkys.

Why Slinkys, you ask? Well, that shows that you have not watched the special bonus feature about sound design on the WALL-E dvd. We have. Dozens of times. The boy likes it better than the movie (and he really liked the movie.) Feel free to ask Joey for a play by play if you don’t have the movie; he’ll be happy to fill you in on even the finest points. Anyway, sound guru Ben Burtt demonstrated how they suspended a Slinky-like spring and struck it with a stick to create the sound of laser fire. As an experiment, I brought home a Slinky after a couple of weeks of seeing this documented (over and over again), just to see what the kid would do.

Sure enough, he immediately grabbed a drumstick and started trying to “make sounds”.

Did I think this was the coolest thing ever? Oh, I think you know I did .

So, Kev and I cooked up this idea, and now the men have been working on very important design work. Up to this point, that means lots of Joey practically swallowing the mike on his recorder while he rambles on about sound; the small Slinky has already bitten the dust; and one of the earphones has come off of the headset* and needs to be repaired with special tiny instruments. All in all, just about what you would expect from a budding designer.

Not to worry, though—we already have the special tiny instruments on-hand. He did not come by this geekiness by accident.

He is one of us now.

*I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but the headphones aren’t actually connected to anything. Fake it til you make it, people!


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  1. Watch out rocket scientists! Joey is on the move!

  2. Oh my gosh…they’re so serious! Really…does Kev fit right in with our people or what?

  3. That is priceless with the unplugged headphones.


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