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I had this whole post written out, a discussion of the funky mood that invaded me and decided to camp out for the better part of July. I’m scrapping it, though, but only because it went on and on, and probably didn’t say anything you haven’t heard before.

Here—let me hit the high points in a few quick sentences:

Does your home rise up to meet you, as Oprah has instructed us that it should, or does it (like mine) spring forth to accuse you? If it’s the latter, get everybody out. Identify the problems. Commence to fixing them. For me, that meant that step one was tossing out all the cardboard shipping boxes, even though they were perfectly good and I might need them to, you know, ship or pack something, someday. Out!

Feeling like a chump as you drive through to pick up dinner, yet again? Try to figure out some easy meals that won’t seem like *such* a chore to fix at the end of the day, when you’re exhausted and can’t face a hot kitchen. I’m trying this system here, and I love it so far (here in week two, that is). And I’m going back to the basics, alright: tostadas, spaghetti or ravioli, soup and sandwiches (which is not as miserable as it sounds, this being summer and all), pizza, grilled something with salad. Basic.

Not having any fun? Shoehorn some fun right into your busy schedule. Do it. Do it now. A couple of hours with a good friend will do you good.

Pray. Read your bible. I went to mine looking for encouragement, and was surprised to instead be confronted with my own shortcomings. That’s OK. Acceptance and acknowledgement are key to growth, right? Maybe you’ll find that some of your own tendencies are holding you back, too. Or maybe that was just me. Whatever. Be open to the idea, that’s all I’m saying.

And, then, if you’re so inclined:

Tackle a project that you’ve had on the back burner forever.


I wanted a new bag, one that I could wear instead of lug. Both my beautiful Del Hi fabric and my Pink Chalk Mail Sack pattern were yearning to be free, so I bit the bullet and whipped this up last week. Talk about a great pattern! I couldn’t remember why I’d put it off so long, but I think I remember. It was the zipper; the inner pocket has a zipper closure. Guess what? Easiest part of a very straightforward pattern! I love when that happens (and I feel stupid, but oh well.)


Since I’m short, I’ve never been one much for messenger bags, but I can’t wait to road-test this one. True sign of a person with a fabric problem, though: The lining fabric is an Amy Butler Lotus dot, which I bought a couple of weeks ago on sale because I knew I’d find a use for it. Lo and behold, here’s the perfect project. . .but I almost didn’t use it, because it took up the better part of my piece.

And I bought it for what?

It’s a sickness, and the recovery process is slow but steady. See? The proof is in the lining, in this case.


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  1. I totally do that menu planning thing, although not exactly the way she does.

    I just take a few minutes while making dinner on Sunday night to troll through the fridge to see what still remains. Then I make a menu for the coming week to use those things before YIKES the farmshare comes on Thursday night.

    Then I tack that menu to the fridge and let it think about dinner for me all week so I don’t have to.

    So nice.

    Plus, Bubba feels like he *needs* to be home in time for dinner every night because it’s all official, so he spends less time working. Bonus.

    • You’re so good, Finny! I ‘m trying to make myself tweak the plan to fit what’s still in the fridge, too (hence the addition of salad twice this week, which saved me from tossing yet another soggy bag o’ mush), but it’s hard to break out of “must follow the plan” mode once I’m in it. Tacking the menu on the fridge to lure the man away from the desk? Genius!

  2. You’ve made some good points and shared great solutions. Summer is a busy time for me and I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed. When that happens, I tend to either add on to my to-do list or just plain say forget everything. The middle ground is one I’m seeking. Most important is that I’m finding taking time out from the computer really helps me get stuff done so I don’t have house-originated accusations flinging my way.

    • Oh, June – you are so right. I waste so much time on the computer (I say via computer). I need to throw a sheet over it or something, or maybe just practice some good old-fashioned restraint. Because self-discipline has always been my strong suit, of course. Here’s to finding middle ground!


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