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[Edited to add: This was supposed to have been published yesterday, but somehow I left it as a draft, and now it’s in the wrong order and I can’t fix it. Rather, I tried to fix it and can’t bear to spend one more minute doing so. Enjoy.]

We are all in agreement that this past week was the best non-vacating vacation ever, and we know, because we are staycationing pros.

The secret?

Yes, you guessed it: We actually did stuff! As in stuff that required we leave the house, and not just to get something to eat (which, up to this point, was our idea of really living it up. “A sit-down restaurant? Well, we must be on vacation!”). We took the kids swimming at the cool Noah’s Ark pool on Monday. Tuesday, Kev and I farmed out the kids and had a date. It was supposed to be a movie date; sadly, the movie selection was terrible. Happier I could not be, though, because we ended up going out for bagels and window shopping for a chair. I’ve been campaigning for an easy chair for our room for three years, so this was a major coup. We don’t actually have the chair, mind you, but furniture shopping was actually an enjoyable experience without a stroller and someone (who shall remain nameless) jumping on the beds and shouting about getting “something for him”. ahem

The beauty of the home-based vacation is that you can take a time-out mid-week to catch up on, say, laundry. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than dealing with the ginormous piles o’ clothes after a week of frelaxing, right? That’s my take on it, so that’s what we did. Thursday, though, it was right back on the horse with an excursion to Discovery Green for some fun in the sun and the most over-priced hot dogs known to man. Now, I like a good dog, and the Kobe beef one is real tasty and all, but that marks the last time we drop twenty five bucks on lunch in a park. I mean, for real! Pack a picnic, though, and you have yourself a fine day in a very beautiful little park.

After that, though, we started easing back into the normal work some/play some rhythm of a typical weekend. There was fun food, of course, including this delicious pizza and these tasty little cookies [more on those next time or just scroll down; it’s there now]. As for sewing, I got a bee in my bonnet to tackle a bunch of similar projects on my to-do list. Three of them have been prepped; zero have been completed. I did, however, actually finish a few before we officially went into vacation mode, but I haven’t gotten around to photographing them.

For, you see, I knew that it was truly back to the old routine when Joey came stumbling in looking chipper was sounding a little under the weather. Of course he’s running a fever! And, of course both of his little ears are infected, even though (thankfully!) they didn’t hurt, so how was I supposed to know?! Poor guy. He’s happy as a clam, lunching in bed and reading books and playing video games. For him, at least, the party’s still going strong, which is good enough for me.


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