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Craft:along – August: Crackle-ackin’


The ginger spa cookies were a big hit in this household. Our Chief Taster pronounced them even better than the classic molasses version, but I think this is cookie blasphemy. A close second? I’ll give them that. They totally win the Snappy seal of approval in the ease of preparation category, though. I had them on my to-do list all last week, and finally got motivated right before it was time to start dinner on Saturday. You would think this would be a mistake, but not with these babies. The whole operation took less than an hour.

Now, since we’re on the subject of making things snappy (as always, of course), you of the particularly keen eye may notice that my new best friend, the Jar o’ Tea, is sporting an accessory in the photo above. That, my friends, is a Jar o’ Tea Sleeve (patent pending). And you, too, can have one of your very own, in two quick and easy steps:

  1. Find an old crew sock, preferably clean, and cut off the top four inches or so of the ribbed portion.
  2. Fold in half, and pull it over the top and around your jar.

Voila! You may still drop your jar and risk having it shatter all over your floor, but it’s much less likely.

 Sometimes, taking the time to whip up something that’s functional and still attractive is well worth it. There are other times, though, when you just want to avert potential disaster and move on to other things. This, clearly, was one of those times.  

And, with that, I feel I have officially taken the crafting bar, lowered it, and then lowered it yet again.


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  1. Ok, fast and good – that’s what I need in a cookie. Plus, our cookie jar is empty and Bubba keeps pointing at it and making a sad face.

    So, it is time for me to make these cookies. Because we know *someone* isn’t going to make them for himself. 😉

  2. These cookies are indeed delicious. I did the challenge, too, and will post about it sometime in the coming week. I like your jar/sock idea. I dropped a jar just the other day which required a bit of cleaning up to do after.


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