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Still flush with the success of the messenger bag project, I moved on to two wristlet patterns that had been queued up for weeks.

The first was the Fold Over Clutch:


The pattern was very easy to follow, and I only messed up the snap once. As usual, I messed it up very carefully, reading each instruction thoroughly before doing the opposite of what it said. Ah, yes. Anyway, these are heading off to a couple of college-bound girls, and I think they’re the perfect size for stowing in your backpack or using on their own when you finally get to shed the pack.

I hate being weighed down by a bunch of different bags, don’t you? It makes me feel like a pack mule. When we went to the pool last week, I was pushing the stroller, carrying the beach bag, and opening a bag of M&Ms [multi-tasking!] as I passed a fellow mom, who was huffing and puffing along, carrying four bags. Our kids, of course, were zooming past us, gloriously unencumbered, but in our quickly exchanged glance, I could tell we were both thinking the same thing: It’s a living. 

Maybe that’s the other half of what spurred me to whip up this snazzy little number (even though I finished it before the pool incident, but that’s beside the point):


Oh, Fransson! pattern, style B. There’s a lot of prep work involved, but the beauty of it is that, once you get through all of that, you’re practically done. And it’s beautiful, right? Well, how could you go wrong with those fabrics, but still! I’m looking forward to tucking it into my diaper bag, and then whipping it back out again to parade it around. I’m really happy with the result. So much so that I made it a friend:


This one will be heading off to my sister for her birthday, but I’ll enjoy these last few moments with it.

Finally, because I love to compartmentalize, and because little B’s food always sinks to the bottom of her beautiful diaper bag, a little lunch bag for her:


I used the pattern in Sewing Green, but cut a couple of inches off of the bag measurements. Now it’s just right; tiny and bold, much like the girl herself.


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  1. These are all so cute! I love her lunch bag!

  2. My, my you’ve been busy! If you dare hide that green and black wristlet in the diaper bag for too long, I’ll be fishing it out and handing it to you to parade around! I was wondering what you were going to be making with those luscious fabs!


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