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Head Case

My mom likens this particular syndrome to a fire dog hearing a bell. When a list was passed out at church last week, requesting items to fill gift bags for visiting missionary families, I immediately zoomed in on the children’s pillowcases. Thanks to the handy-dandy pattern in Weekend Sewing, I was able to cut and sew this in an afternoon. . .


. . .which turned into this by the following day, after I tore through the fabric shelves, looking for one-yard cuts:


Still gripped by the fever, I found this tutorial, which only required 3/4 yard for the main body of the pillowcase, so then I tried that out.


Huzzah! Another great [quick!] pattern, so I was able to crank out a few more of that one, too.


Then, having run out of both steam and appropriate fabrics, I pronounced this project complete.

Unfortunately, the sewing area now looks like a tornado ripped through it. Again.


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  1. Those are really, really nice…..*S* So that xtra quarter yard made the pretty flange on the first ones?

    • Thank you! No, the first set (from Weekend Sewing) are basically constructed from one piece with an additional strip creating the flange. Finding the little strips of contrasting fabric is never a problem, what with my growing scrap pile and all! 🙂

  2. I’m in love with the pirate one! If I, as a thirty-three year old, could get away with using a pirate pillowcase, I’d sure want one like that!

  3. I must admit… upon going thru the bag of goodies for the missionary closet I did momentarily think to myself “I am a missionary kid.”… but then realized the joy is in giving and I know that we are going to make some little ones VERY happy with these. Thanks Meg!!


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