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Months ago, this nap-roll and lunch bag were fast-tracked to the front of the much too long project list, despite the fact that there were several others due before them. I know myself, which is to say that I know that I would have otherwise found myself frantically trying to crank out that sleeping bag next Monday, before the boy sets of for his first day ever of pre-school on Tuesday.


As it is, I only just got around to sewing on the buttons and adding the name labels last week. Tough stuff, sewing on buttons. And the labels, well, that took all of about ten minutes. You can see why I put it off for three months.

And here, my good friends, is why you should not overdo the batting when putting one of these rolls together, and why, perhaps, you should not “wing it” by deciding to forgo the removable pad (as suggested in the very fine instructions) and just sew in four layers of batting.

I have so many pieces of leftover batting; it was too much to resist using them, since several were almost exactly the right size. I couldn’t do it, I tell ya!

(But I sort of wish that I had. . ..)


Pretty, right? Yepper. It was all going along  just fine for the first two rows of quilting, but the batting must have shifted just enough that it made it absolutely impossible to wedge the rest of it under the needle and finish. Always resourceful, I decided to just do the next two rows by hand. You can judge how good an idea that was for yourself.

I know. Believe me—I know.

You might think that I would have used these past couple of months to just bite the bullet, tear it apart, and fix it. But no; I know when to say when. This was only going to get worse, and I didn’t have enough ‘Bot Camp to make another, and the boy is super-happy with it. Good enough!

Now, if I can manage to get over the anxiety about finding the right entrance to the new school building when we go to orientation later this week, we should be off to a great start.


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  1. Who worries about a thing like which entrance to use? My gosh, those turned out so stinking cute!

  2. Love it! I wish I needed a nap sack !

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