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An End to My Wandering

OK, it’s been a week. I’m tired of wandering around my house now, so I’ve decided to make myself do something. Anything.

Today is already off to a better start: Dinner is in the fridge, and I’m enjoying a nice, fresh cup of coffee. (Usually, I just re-heat what was left in the pot the day before, but I decided to really live it up. WOO!) Yesterday, to help get back into the groove a little, and to make an attempt to tame the now teetering to-do pile, I whipped up a couple of snack bags for the boy’s lunch kit.


He chose the fabric, I turned ’em out.  Back at the beginning of the summer, I played around with making some reusable sandwich bags, but never got around to the snack-size ones. Betz White’s post last week articulated my mood so perfectly, and spurred me back into production.


I thought I was onto something hot when I bought rip-stop fabric for the lining. Turns out I was, and I was not alone. Well, why re-invent the wheel, I say? This tutorial is the one I ended up going with, and it’s  just dandy. I added the little tabs [by folding ribbon in half and sandwiching it between the velcro and the lining before stitching down the velcro — again, inspired by Betz] to make it easier for the little man to open. Easy peasy.

AND, I even remembered to use them in his lunch this morning, which is a bold departure from my usual two-week-minimum cooling off period. That’s when I get all done admiring my handiwork, and then proceed to leave the finished product on the sewing table for. . .absolutely no reason at all. It’s a good habit to break, that’s for sure.


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  1. Look at those pretty fingernails! Bev did a good job!

  2. Yes, if I do say so myself!


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