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Freshening Up

There are things that just shouldn’t be shared, and this is probably one of them, but here we go anyway.

When I was in the midst of my frenzied clean sweeping a couple of weeks ago, I took a good look at my washcloths and thought, “These have got to go.”


Oh, and yes: it’s clean. The rusty spots are, by my best guess, bits of pumpkin facial mask that decided to become one with the cloth. But, before I tossed them, I also thought, “Wait – go where?” Where do old washcloths go? I mean, aside from straight into the trash. You can’t give them away, and I’m certainly not going to work them into a scratchy, dirty looking quilt.

Hello again, Sewing Green. Since you are the one that planted the “where do all the cloths go” question in my head, it’s only right that you provide some inspiration for delaying the process. Having already whipped up a few of the baby washies (using new fabric, mind you, not my old ratty towels!), I knew that I liked the feel of a nice flannel backing. A lot. Plus, as a side note, they have a great heft and don’t turn into a crumpled up kleenex when you’re bathing the baby, unlike the ones you often find in the store. So, I dove into ye olde scrap bin, and found some flannel to revive my tired-looking rags:


(See? The old ones are still hiding back there.)


Much easier on the eyes, no? As an added bonus, washing my face with the flannel side leaves my face feeling polished instead of sanded, which is something my rosacea-afflicted cheeks especially appreciate.

Another bonus? I feel like I’ve gotten my full money’s worth out of the aforementioned book. Not only have I actually completed (successfully, no less) more than one project, it’s a really good read. Since my attitude when buying sewing books lately has been, “Well, it’s been a while since I wasted money on books. Why not?”, it seems worth mentioning.


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  1. Those are so cute…hmmm…maybe that’s why they stopped selling my beloved pumpkin mask.

  2. I teach toddlers and preschoolers in my home, and they each have white washcloths which are daily covered in squished blueberries, beet juice, and other difficult messes. When they get way too gross, I put them all in a big pot of water with some Oxyclean and boil them for a while (more than an hour) and then hang them in the sun. They come out great! (Of course, your solution is more beautiful, but just in case…)

    • Hey, that’s a great tip, Lise. We still have some that are decent, so this may extend their lifespan before I’m forced to disguise them with a new coat of flannel. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, these look great!

  4. I feel ya. I have a little pile of not-as-white-or-blood-free (ew, we’re gross) washcloths and hand towels that need a new life elsewhere. Perhaps this is where.


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